Paris Under Siege But By Whom?

Update: The rock concert were more than a 100 people were killed was from a US band called Eagles Of Death Metal. A band from high profile musicians who had worked with stars such as actor Jack Black and Dave Grohl of Foo Fighters and Nirvana fame. This is bad news because it gives the US and NATO a reason to become mor open and brutal about any involvement! The good news is that the band members are reportedly safe!


10 months after the attacks on Charlie Hebdo and the Kosher food store in Paris another attack rocked the French Capital on the evening of Friday 13th European time.

So far a 149 people have died with 3 of the alleged terrorists among them.  There is talk of 6 coordinated attacks (7 according to a Dutch News paper) in different places which would show organisation and planning.

Kevin Barrett who’s book We are not Charlie Hebdo is an important document and collaborative effort successfully disproving that the attacks on the caricaturists from magazine Charlie Hebdo  and the Kosher food store in Paris were a terrorist attacks but were Mossad and CIA orchestrated false flag attacks. And that they were orchestrated because France was not falling in line with the deep state politics of eternal war against “terrorism”.

In fact Kevin book was compiled and published so quickly and the general public especially in France caught on so quickly that it is very likely that the required outcome, possibly that of a European destabilisation and a fleeing Jewry to Israel did not materialize. In fact Bibi Netanyahu’s attempt at hijacking the events to promote Israel to French Jews in the aftermath backfired spectacularly when the Jews in the Parisian Synagogue where Natanyahu spoke in the aftermath of the attack refused point black to even remotely support the idea of leaving Paris!

When the stream of refugees started to become a deluge from the trickle it had been over this summer with people from a vast array of countries in Africa the possibility of organised attacks and false flags grew and it was only a matter of time before an event such as today would take place.

And a recurring attack was always very likely if only to cause social unrest to further deep state political agendas. France has one of the biggest and oldest established Muslim populations. The Banlieus or suburbs of Paris are chock-a-block with disenfranchised Muslim males of the age when aggression is the preferred method of protest after your mates are killed by the police. France is an extremely racist country and social unrest is almost guaranteed when provoked by the MSM or police actions.

Added to that France has been absolutely over run by refugees trying to get to England adding stress to an already stressed out local population in a country which is also suffering from an economic decline with farmers and local businesses collapsing under the pressure.

The next couple of days will be interesting as the MSM will undoubtedly try to spin the events to serve their purpose. One thing is for sure: The level of organisation and the reported use of Kalashnikoffs might be an indication as to were this might be going. Especially since the US?NATO alliance wants to portray Russia as the global bad guy!



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