Jihadi John Evaporates! Another CIA/ISIS Bogeyman Bites The Dust!

Today the mainstream media regales us with the evaporation of another CIA/ISIS creation. And what a timely death it is!

Of course we don’t really know who Jihadi John is other than what the MSM is telling us. He appeared in a series of propaganda “killings” of journalists with only his eyes visible and a clearly English accent. His nickname Jihadi John seems to come straight out of the PR toolbox of the likes of Crosby & Textor and some photo’s of a young man and the description of your typical teenage loner, all the more unlikeable because of an apparent case of Halitosis (Foul Breath).

His blitzing death by drone executed from a chair some thousands of miles from were the attack took place in a city centre is explained to us with a photo pointing out where the ISIS headquarters are which begs the question: Why not bomb the whole lot?

Over the last couple of weeks Russia has been bombing hundreds of apparent ISIS strong holds leaving the US/NATO alliance gasping for breath and it strikes me as a very convenient timing for Jihadi John to be exterminated. PR rags like the Daily mail now have at least 10 different articles about Jihadi John splattered all over the front page pushing the Russian success at killing of the CIA financed ISIS terrorists off.

One of the most interesting aspects of the extra-judicial death of Jihadi John is the fact that as with Osama bin Laden, and other prominent al Qaeda leaders, no effort whatsoever was made to capture him alive. All of these people were killed without any investigation into how they were connected what they knew and what we could learn from them to help us in the struggle against these well armed, well trained terrorist groups and how they are financed and by whom!

In fact when Jeremy Corbyn, the new English Labour leader dared to suggest he should have been captured alive he was mocked and some high profile nincompoops such as Piers Morgan who can always be relied upon to support the official standpoint told us that killing him on the spot was the right thing to do. To finish of the propaganda of the day the daughter of one of the alleged victims of Jihadi John tells us in her own frontpage article that she saw the body of her father on an instagram photo and she was happy he was dead.!

One thought on “Jihadi John Evaporates! Another CIA/ISIS Bogeyman Bites The Dust!

  1. They might have got the wrong man, I thought I heard him in NZ the other day along with a few of his followers getting prime MSM coverage cheers everyone

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