WWIII Alert: RAF Allowed To Down “Threatening” Russian Jets!

If you want to know how absolutely bonkers our Western leaders are, especially leaders like Cameron and his ilk you only have to look at the news that broke today: RAF fighters stationed in Iraq are ow authorised to shoot down Russian jets they judge to be threatening.

This is paramount to declaring war on Russia because whether jets are threatening is in the eye of the beholder something that can be spun by our corporate owned MSM in any direction they want, and I’m sure Cameron hopes that his “boys” will shoot one down with hopefully some forceful reaction of Russia. This is just absolutely madness. Russian can destroy the Western world several times over. In fact it can probably destroy this planet several times over and to engage in war with this military giant is just sheer unadulterated madness.


As relations between the West and Russia steadily deteriorate, Royal Air Force (RAF) pilots have been given the go-ahead to shoot down Russian military jets when flying missions over Syria and Iraq, if they are endangered by them. The development comes with warnings that the UK and Russia are now “one step closer” to being at war.

RAF Tornado pilots have been instructed to avoid contact with Russian aircraft while engaged in missions for Operation Shader – the codename for the RAF’s anti-Isis work in Iraq and Syria. But their aircraft have been armed with air-to-air missiles and the pilots have been given the green light to defend themselves if they are threatened by Russian pilots.

“The first thing a British pilot will do is to try to avoid a situation where an air-to-air attack is likely to occur — you avoid an area if there is Russian activity,” an unidentified source from the UK’s Permanent Joint Headquarters (PJHQ) told the Sunday Times. “But if a pilot is fired on or believes he is about to be fired on, he can defend himself. We now have a situation where a single pilot, irrespective of nationality, can have a strategic impact on future events.”

The RAF Tornados aircraft will be armed with heat-seeking Advanced Short Range Air-to-Air Missiles (Asraams, also called AIM-132 missiles). These weapons, which cost £200,000 each, can reach triple the speed of sound and have a longer range than other air-to-air missiles, allowing RAF pilots to shoot down enemy aircraft without being targeted themselves.

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3 thoughts on “WWIII Alert: RAF Allowed To Down “Threatening” Russian Jets!

  1. The World has billions/trillions invested in war technology and systems, with a United Nations system (Security Council & speeches at a podium) on par with the thought and design of a Rugby Maul (that might be sellin the art of a good rugby maul short)?

    Isn’t Murray McCully (that Nat politician) like a new security council head or something, & Helen Clarke is a number 3 of some description. Does any of that remotely sound like a sane proportionality or inspire confidence in helpfulness for highly consequential decision making?

    In the sci-fi novel Dune, the ruling royal houses which were often at odds with each other, had under them different guilds (like space travel & witches etc) These guilds went along with whatever the ruling royal house situations were, but they also would also work in their own interests & in conjunction with other guilds own interests, for the relativity of the spheres of their own influence in events.

    The UN would work better, with non-political sovereign diplomatic guilds of each country that also work with Industry in their country, along with working within the collective diplomatic guild cultures of the UN. all looking to influence events in the politics of the UN, & increase their diplomatic guild blocks influence in the diplomatic culture of the UN (rather than being aligned with whatever the political idealogues of the day happend to be). So you have situations like, we’ve got this current situation X, but when that is over we can co-ordinate with guilds A, B, F H & L, for the benefits of their associated Industrys also in such and such an area, which will then move more influence to our diplomatic guilds block going forward.

    Leading to ultimately, so you get Industry (more as a dynamic whole) leading politics in dealing with problems, rather than as current problamatic Static politics leading Industry in dealing with problems.

    1 & 1/2 cents worth 🙂

    • The UN ‘security council’ is a tool for oligarchy that created it and uses it.
      The politicians or ” professional liars” that swear oaths to the UN don’t make any important decisions, they just follow orders in the UN’s agenda of a centralized global govt( NWO).
      The bank’s mega corporations( industry) leads politics so you have it all reversed.

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