John Key Goes To Wall Street!

John Key Left for New York to attend the Anti terrorism summit which coincides with the leaders’ week of the UN General Assembly, during which leaders of about 160 countries are expected to be New York – including Mr Key, the Pope and Russia’s President Vladimir Putin.

This is all very interesting because it emerged that ,totally predictably, Russia has emerged as a supporter of Syria’s fight against the Western financed terrorist groups such as ISIS. Russia who is a long term ally of Syria and has it’s only Mediterranean army base in the city of Tartus. It has done so by arming Syria with rockets and the launchers for these rockets which resulted in the bombing of the City of Palmyra where ISIS famously blew up the beautiful ancient ruins of the Roman city once there.

I’m sure that a lot of threats will be exchanged and that John Key was invited to attend but let’s face it in the grander scheme of things John Key and New Zealand don’t mean that much other than that we are a convenient springboard to another of the US’s major interests; the South pole.

What is interesting therefore is what else John Key will be doing in New York while “attending” the summit. In his previous travels to Londn and Wall Street John Key has been known to visit the Governor of the banks of England and the CEO’of the too big too fail banks and I’m very, very interest if amongst those he visits are the people who are managing his shares in the bank of America where he keeps most of his wealth after all!

11 thoughts on “John Key Goes To Wall Street!

  1. A thought – will Helen Clark and or David Shearer be in NY at that time? Have a look at the architectural devise on top of the one world trade tower…looks evocative of a W88 warhead. And then there is the 10 meg bomb in lower Manhattan spoken of by Max Kaiser, the “prophet” of profit.

  2. Key is at the NWO agenda 2030 meeting, a UN meeting for the .01% desired totalitarian govt, to be marketed under the banner “sustainable”.
    “The environment is a perfect vehicle for the elite to use to bring in their version of utopia, because just about every possible form of human activity affects the environment in some way. Ultimately, they hope to centrally plan and strictly regulate virtually everything that we do, and we will be told that it is necessary to “save the planet”.
    And they will never come out and openly call it a “New World Order” because “sustainable development” sounds so much nicer and is so much more acceptable to the general population.”

    • Green political environmentalism doesn’t stand for anything real or significant, & if put to the test, wouldn’t stand for that either, such is it’s nature & function.

      By real i mean in terms of relevance as a battalion of botanists (i’m not comparing Greens to botanists in mental capacities, just relevance) to the floral live of the fields & meadows at the Battle of the Somme in world war one, not the reality of the conditions of said situation.

      I do respect that segment of the populations right for self expression, in the schemes & greater workings of life, but i find their over inflated representation to be somewhat less than ideal & a grotesque of lost potentials on a myrid of fronts.

      • Key did not go to the NY UN meeting to hear a segment of the population expressing themselves, he went to get the directives from a meeting of the Pope, Obama and Putin . The people (including botanists) are completely unrepresented at the cabal’s private ‘invitation only’ gatherings.

        I suggest you research this centralized govt’s ‘agenda 2030’ as The New World Order does not consist of botanists.
        The Vatican, Key and Obama, by their actions, do not give a crap about the poor or the environment, they care only how they can use the economic and environmental mess THEY created in order to sustain their power (at a time when most of the the world know how corrupt and wretched they are).

        Lies ( and online shills) are grotesque.
        Most readers here probably on to it and already know what I am talking about – they will see propaganda and spins.

  3. It has become more and more obvious that there is one political party in New Zealand, and that is The Business Party.

    • The banking cabal’s business party, the Crown, an octopus with political party rainbow arms for its many investments.
      Green for Carbon trading Climate change agenda, Brown the Crowns claimed right to own the land & govern based on an invalid “treaty”( legitimacy ), controlled opposition…pop up extremists, the whole stable of different horses is owned and run by the Crown.
      Its a cunning trick for full spectrum control so that the people ( misinformed and confused )will identify with the ideology of a political party. Allowing themselves every election to be agree to be ruled by ideology.

      Key will come back from the UN meeting with the Vatican(Pope’s) climate religion marching orders aka 2030 agenda = the New World Order. Key words “smart” & “sustainable” code for totalitarian technocratic control for the New World Order.

  4. Don’t forget it is also a meeting of Church and State to try to get the “Climate Change inquisition” going .
    Key probably will not get invited to that meeting, he’ll just get a pope & Obama ChurchState instruction manual. On how to deal with non believers of the $cience promoted for the UN/NWO agenda of carbon taxing and trading.

  5. I’m not so sure about using the term ‘leader’ in regards to the Pope, Vladimir Putin and ……………John Key, in the same sentence 🙂

    Two leading world pro-lifers (meaning probably not in the context often associated with the term) the Pope & Russia’s Vladimir Putin, & one minor leading heavily & pro indebted New Zealand media actor John Key from the show Failed Self Government (that bit which you ignore or skip before the sports section), will be part of the contingent converging on the United Nations. Performance artist Key’s gag calling for the bombing and invasion of a middle east country he probably could pick out on a map last time, was widely cut from the airing of the last such NZ episode, will such an artistic creative difference rare its heads in this season’s episode?

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