This Is How Propaganda Works.

On what would have been 9/11 2015 in England several articles appeared on the front page of the Daily Mail site. They told a story. I thought I’d do some screen dumps and place them here. The first picture was at the top of the page, the second photo halfway down the page and the bottom photo at the bottom of the page. In between at least 6-8 emotive photos and titles about more mayhem caused by Muslim fundamentalists and refugees and of course Western leaders calling for more bombs, this time on Damascus in Syria!

The story? God hates Muslims and the Bin Ladens are evil, The Russians hate us but GOD LOVES US!

Propaganda at it’s finest!

The first photo is a not so subtle reference to Osama bin Laden and how his families firm caused damage and even carnage in the big Mosque of Mecca. As the Mosque and Mecca are sort of the Vatican for Muslims and certainly the most sacred of all Islamic sites the Meta message of this title and the photos makes for a powerful emotional confirmation that Osama bin Laden was the reason we went to war with Islam and God (Our God that is) must surely hate them to allow for a crane to collapse on their most holy of sites!

God hates Muslims

The  second one is a photo of a “Nuclear capable” Russian jet of the Northumbrian coast. To have Russian jets over the ENglish coast line must surely rank among some of the more threatening pictures painted of the Russian Bear. Together with the fact that Russia is drawing a line in the sand by volunteering to fight Daesh also known as ISIS in Syria another powerful message is send: The Russians are coming to get us and they are siding with the Muslims. Most notably with President Assad of Syria!Russians


Picture three was a photo of a rainbow over New York photographed at an angle that made it look like it was emerging from the new Trade centre.  The symbol of Western resilience and freedom build to replace the twin towers. A divine sign that God must surely love the West and our warmongering leaders gnashing at the teeth to get us into the next illegal war of aggression!

God loves us


One thought on “This Is How Propaganda Works.

  1. Two out of those three stories shows the effectiveness of the Rothschild weather weapon in action!

    Oh and I forgot, a double rainbow! we in Crime church are used to those since Mark Quigley moved into town just before the shaking started, he has since left, probably to avoid the biggest shake out yet to come!

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