Remember 9/11 Or Perish.

People ask me: “Why do you keep going on about 9/11. It was such a long time ago. It’s in the past, let it go!

My answer invariably is that the day of 9/11 never stopped.

It never stopped for me personally because it was the day I began to lose the business I shared with my husband and which we had for 18 years. Nobody wants to advertise in the months after a disaster like that happens and we lost so many jobs in the aftermath that the asshole who had taken over the real estate portfolio our premise belonged to could take us to court because we had trouble paying the rent. While we were able to back pay our rent and continue our business in the months it took to actually get a court date. It was the start of five years of hell, intimidation and a thriller like existence in which we lost everything we build up and eventually had to leave my home country to become traumatized refugees elsewhere. To this day we are not able to function fully as a result.

It never stopped for the tens of thousands of first responders who to this day are dying from the dust they inhaled and the cancers they are suffering from as a result.

It never stopped for the people left behind when 3000 of their family members and friends died and who have serious questions about what happened on that day.

It never stopped for the soldiers who were send to avenge that day and who were send to fight people in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and now Syria. People who have never done anything to them and who did not perpetrate 9/11. More soldiers have killed themselves after they came back then were killed as a result of combat and to this day soldiers are killing themselves and are homeless and destitute, dying of untreated injuries and mental health problems. For them that day never ended and will never end either.

And most importantly: It only just began for the hundreds of millions of peaceful Muslims who had absolutely nothing to do with the attacks on 9/11 because, as a result of the attacks the Western media propagandists. were able to demonize their religion and as a result, we let our military run rough shot over their countries. Their countries were bombed back to the stone age with Depleted Uranium making their countries uninhabitable for the next 4.5 billion years.

We are part of what will be the biggest mass murder in human history at the rate we are destroying these people and their countries and as a result we will be faced with the biggest exodus we have ever seen as all these millions upon millions of people have no place else to go but Europe.

For those of us who may have thought we could leave the day of 9/11 behind without ever having the face the consequences and never really thought about how and why and by whom, the future is confusing and daunting as they find thousands of desperate hungry, weary, tired and angry refugees marching their highways, invading their cities and overwhelming their social support systems.

For those of us who have asked those questions and who found the official answers wanting, these refugees are just the predictable consequence of 9/11, the endless wars waged in its aftermath and the unwillingness of us, the people, to take our leaders and the perpetrators to task over their atrocities.

And what is worse is that unless we confront that day and the fact that we are still living it, to this day, we will be the next to perish. We will be the next to feel the evil, callous disregard for human life the perpetrators showed on that day and ever since.

4 thoughts on “Remember 9/11 Or Perish.

  1. The newspapers won’t print this letter:
    “With the tragic refugee crises raging across the Middle East, North Africa and Europe now is time to ask some serious questions. When did all this start? Soon after 9/11 former US President George W. Bush articulated the goals of the War-on-Terror in a speech in which he said that it “will not end until every terrorist group of global reach has been found, stopped and defeated.” He called the war “a task that does not end”.
    Remarkably there has never been a criminal investigation into 9/11 nor has there been any technical investigation because most of the evidence was destroyed immediately after the events.
    No evidence has been presented linking Afghanistan or Iraq in these attacks and yet the U.S. and it’s willing coalition partners have been at war with these countries for many years now.
    In 2002 General Wesley Clark, retired 4-star U.S. army general was shown a classified memo which stated “We’re going to take out seven countries in five years, starting with Iraq, and then Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and, finishing off, Iran”.
    When will people rise up en masse and seek an end to these wars and demand justice for the millions of innocents killed, injured and displaced in vain since 9/11?”

  2. Gladio’s strategy of tension has nothing on the betrayal of the public trust by the US security apparatus for it’s silence regarding the the explosive destruction of the WTC buildings and the resulting death and injury.

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