Will John Key Blame Labour When The First Bomb Goes Off?

I believe that the millions of people uprooted from their war torn countries are what they say they are: Desperate refugees who just want peace.

I also believe that we are ruled by psychopaths who are making a killing (no pun intended) out of the wars they are starting left right and centre. I believe further more that we are manipulated by a multitude of false flag attacks designed to keep us in fear.

In fear and loathing of Muslims, Arabs, Persians, Turks. Brown people in general.

In February 2015 ISIS announced (at least according to our MSM which seems remarkably happy to be an ISIS mouth piece) they would be using a 500.000 refugee crisis to infiltrate Europe and the West. For those of you who want to know more about the ISIS timeline and how they came into existence, here is a good article spelling it out.

John Key signed us on to the “Let’s Bomb A Country” club in 2012 when he visited NATO headquarters to sign a brandspanking new NATO partnership treaty. The refugee crisis was a predictable outcome of the wars started by our ruling elite with their US/NATO war machine.

Refugees have been trying to enter Europe for years and many of them drowned along the way. Not much attention was paid to them by the MSM but all that changed over the last few weeks. A huge increase took place and while all these people probably all have very good reasons to want to come to Europe the numbers are overwhelming and the influx is such that there is no way these people can be identified and registered to assure an orderly integration into countries that are already crashing under the weight of austerity and economic collapse.

In New Zealand National and John Key said no to increased refugee numbers and predictably, the opposition parties took up the cause and voiced the equally predictable cries for empathy and compassion.

But remember, we are under the global governance of smart, callous, hyper intelligent psychopaths.

So here is my question. If ISIS announced they would use a refugee crisis to “infiltrate” the West, are these poor refugees going to be used for more false flag attacks to inflame racial hatred around the globe ensuring that we will fight each other instead of those who are causing all this mayhem?

And if, God forbid, something were to happen here in New Zealand, like a car bomb in the Claudlands shopping centre Hamilton for example will we too descent into civil war and chaos, without an opposition which will be blamed for demanding we take in refugees and egged on by our own war warmongering psychopath John Key? Or will we stay calm and start working together to safe this country from the flames that will engulf Europe and the middle East when NATO begins to unleash another hellstorm on Syria and Iran?

I know one thing: Those people running from the stench of war will become victimised over and over again while we are being trained by our MSM that they are the people we should hate while our billionaire looting elite watches our hunger games from their lofty palaces and protected compounds!

5 thoughts on “Will John Key Blame Labour When The First Bomb Goes Off?

  1. Forgive the individuals/people, oppose what they stand for, in what ever way you see fit, for your own freedom, & thus do you contribute to others freedom beyond powers of oppression 🙂

  2. I think it will more likely be at the RWC in London, imagine the war drums if the beloved All Blacks were to be in a false flag terror attack, the sheeple of NZ with will over their eyes will flock to the idea of revenge, and if God forbid some of the ABs die, good insurance payout for the rugby board, adidas and AIG. Will operation blackjack commence? only time will tell!

  3. Funny old world, innit? The very ones making the mess are the same ones refusing to admit they made it, and of course, have no intention of cleaning it up.

  4. The only issue the Key govt has been compelled to address for the the good of NZ in the last 7 yrs is the CHCH earthquake the rest has really been nothing that our govt is responsible for, they have had time to address the now crisis of the Refugees, polynesian as well as the result of GWB great fuck up
    The Refugees should have been our only consideration of our foreign policy instead of supporting business that in their great Laissez faire doctrine should be looking after themselves as they see no point in socialism or govt in any way that doesnt help them
    But the govt have spent their time buying us into the international MSM game like we are all ignorant of what we are being set up for “The Great War Games of West” for the oil riches of the middle east and the complete subjugation of the middle eastern states concerned

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