If You Destroy A Country You Own It. Europe’s War Crimes Are Coming Home To Roost.

According to legend there is a Chinese saying: If you save some ones life you own it. I.e. you are responsible for that person from that moment on. I have not been able to find it and I am sure that it is just another one of those faux wisdom things but what is true is that if you destroy a peoples country you own it.

You own the future of its people and you will one way or another reap the consequences of what you did.

From 2001 until now the US and NATO (i.e. all European member countries and countries like New Zealand) have been bombing Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya,  Yemen and Syria with or without the help of Saudi Arabia. Entire cities have been levelled to the ground and entire populations have been uprooted, made homeless and poor without the means of taking care of themselves in any meaning full way. Every one of those countries was a stable, healthy economy until the West decided to free them from their rulers. Were these rulers nice people? Probably not but the people including had jobs, safety, low criminality, free healthcare and education. Freedom to worship in their own religion and that included Jews and Christians.

That is all gone. Their countries are destroyed, they face daily hardship, danger and poverty. And they are fleeing their DU polluted countries in search of the life that was taken away from them.

They are coming to Europe, the very continent responsible through NATO for their countries demise. They are desperate and have nowhere else to go. I wonder how many people in Europe even realize that these people are their victims. They should, they own them now!


3 thoughts on “If You Destroy A Country You Own It. Europe’s War Crimes Are Coming Home To Roost.

    Famous American foreign policy comment
    Outrageous in its arrogance and history since

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