On The AIG And Why The All Blacks Should Be Marked As A National’s Political Campaign Contribution

Not many people realized it at the time but when the AIG (American Insurance Group) was allowed to buy the New Zealand All Black rugby team it did not just buy a Rugby team.

It entered the body politic of New Zealand.

With the sponsorship contract worth $ 80 million, about $ 15 million per season it gained control over all Silver Fern Rugby groups in 2012.

Over the years since the AIG, Adidas Silver Fern brand has been extended to have a huge global reach and while the AIG has been mired in scandals and bail outs with the GEO’s still getting huge bonuses the All Blacks have helped AIG to keep an overall positive name in the Media.

This week the All Black team was announced in the Beehive in an astonishing and unprecedented amalgamation (Unless you count Hitler’s use of the Olympic games as a show case of his Aryan athletes) of NZ politics with sports. All the more glaring because it was National who during the spring bock tour announced that sports and politics should be kept separate and not mixed.

Yet here we have a corporation (the All Blacks) sponsored by two US corporations given the light of day in our governing body promoting the sport and by association one of the two biggest political parties (Yes Andrew Little was there too but as the enabler but seriously?)  and a flag change nobody wants! That is an awful lot of money going towards the promotion of a political direction in our little country. The $ 80 million AIG money alone should count as the biggest unregistered political campaign contributions ever in NZ.

The issue is getting even more complicated if you realize that the Silver Fern Logo is (for all I know) owned by the All black Corporation which is sponsored by two of the more powerful international corporations: Adidas and AIG who also are lobbying for the TPPA to be implemented.

If you are not worried by these developments you have not been paying attention!


12 thoughts on “On The AIG And Why The All Blacks Should Be Marked As A National’s Political Campaign Contribution

  1. Fascism hid behind the banking cabals media telling we are free.
    Only difference is now it is in your face and the “evil” in the world is clearer.
    Even one hundred yrs ago we were:
    Free debt slaves.
    Free with a corporation(govt) that works for the banking cabal.
    Free to fight and kill each other when told to over race, fear of a made up boogieman , gender,resources or class.
    Free to revolt without knowing what/who to revolt against.

    Surely we need to wake everyone up to the matrix and its lies.

  2. And AIG made sure their investment paid off in the 2011 final,France didnt get one penalty in the last 40 minutes of the game, and intresting to see the final kicked off at 9:11 at night for international commitments and the trophy was handed over at 11:09, all professional sports are rigged, the turnover from Asian betting alone is estimated to be 2 trillion alone! NZ cricket team was always make the final, it helps keep out of the news the fact McCullum commited perjury by providing Cairns an affidavit in his first trial against Latit Modi to say he was of good character, even though he had told the ICC two years before Cairns approached him to fix matches, and Cairns said ALL the big names do it, but McCullum couldnt remember the names.

  3. Key is current ‘CEO’ of the NZ Company, trading insolvent, that was given the charter by the C of L to come here and plunder. The silver fern is the NZ Company’s logo [the CEO wears it on his jacket lapel] so the flag change circus is about getting the fern on the flag so that they have a flag to trade under.

  4. So true.
    The national socialist movement hoisted up a flag pole on the national sport field.
    NAZI – , noun and adjective, from German Nazi, abbreviation of German pronunciation of Nationalsozialist (based on earlier German sozi, popular abbreviation of “socialist”).

    Can’t believe so many people try to make up meaningless rhetoric (lies) to try to distort and play down this kind of clearly disturbing action.
    “The fact is, modern politics has become the imposition of institutional formality where individuals and truth once were. Increasingly favoring institutional privilege over individual rights, politicians on all sides of the game act to reinforce and advance the standing of corporations at the expense of our physical world. They embark on resource wars for profit, destroy our environment for energy, construe zealotry as patriotism, and steer a culture of social competition – not cooperation – all the while hiding behind veils of secrecy and meaningless rhetoric.” Ethan Smith

  5. The Springbok tour was interesting time. Rob Muldoon, sovereign nationalist that he was, was in open talks with Bruce Beetham, leader of Social Credit (garnering around 20% in the election for the one seat despite the usual establishment non acknowledgement & relative zero politcal resources) of using the money creation process to credit the accounts (thus reversing the growing debt) while silmultaneously paying for massive public infrastracture schemes with it.

    This created an unprecedented campaign of mockery and character malignment in NZ modern political history against Muldoon with the 4th estate of the time, which he responded to via the Rugby tour as his gamble against. It was also the birth place of the modern political left’s funding and promotion in NZ society, to push simple groundswell volunteer movements off the political map which had resulted in the likes of Bruce Beetham & Social Credit.
    With a couple of very likely deductive assumptions, it seems likely that approx. near/close 50% of the non new resident population have not voted in the last two elections. The All Blacks would likely have a better following among that demographic, so makes politicians feel better.

  6. Words to leave out in the future of NZ
    ALL BLACKS our national team
    The Silver Fern belongs to NZ
    Self governing Democracy

    • A (political) corporate oligarchy, there is no “democracy”

      For a local example the WCC imported privatization CEO just said “by the time you read this the council ( ignoring opposition) has adopted its long term plan”.Then he uses the word “Democracy” and “Have your say” .
      The WCC’s latest booklet provides an outline of the Marxist way includes asking for CCTV volunteers= spying, being the” eyes and ears” of the NZ police.
      Not even self governing democracy -its a “a marxist weirdo freak club”.

      NZ Sports team= foreign corporate brand.
      Sports teams are a form of NZ national identity so the multinational corps( authors of the TPP are all owned by the banking cabal) are trying to “slip in” on the established popular brands.

      Sports teams are over exulted ( worshiped) in NZ.

      Loved this quote travellerev “Unless you count Hitler’s use of the Olympic games as a show case of his Aryan athletes” The similarities are spooky so obvious but most people seem to be asleep and unconcerned.

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