Tim Groser: Opposing The TPP Is Completely Extreme. 97% Of New Zealanders Beg To Differ!

His main purpose in Malaysia was talks over another free trade agreement proposed in 2012, the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership involving the ASEAN members and six other countries.

“I think of it crudely as like TPP without the US, but with China,” Tim Groser said.

Nobody wants to be an extremist. Most of us just want to go along to get along and live a peaceful, contented life. Preferably with a roof over our heads, food, a job and decent healthcare. 

To be called an extremist or holding extremist views is to be banned to the periphery of society. It’s were the “terrorists”, the loners, the losers, the scary ones live.

For Tim Groser to call those of us who question the secrecy surrounding the TPP and who want to know what is in the contract the government seems so hell bend on signing on our behalf, extreme is disingenuous, anti-democratic and dangerous.

The polls suggest that 97% of New Zealanders are opposed to signing the TPPA.

In my view that makes the 3% in favour the extremists. The 1% of the worlds wealthiest who are lobbying for the TPP are the ones acting solely in their own corporate interest and the agenda they are pursuing is the worrying “extremist” factor. Tim Groser and his 11 colleagues are the ones enabling these corporate extremist monsters supported by a fraudulent debt based and collapsing finance industry. Tim Groser is the extremist here!

As the 97% who want transparency and to be able to read the TPPA contract before we permit our representatives to sign the agreement, we are the prudent, middle of the road ones, wanting to make sure this country and it’s inhabitants are safe from corporate raids, looting and legal action against us and our government.

6 thoughts on “Tim Groser: Opposing The TPP Is Completely Extreme. 97% Of New Zealanders Beg To Differ!

  1. Two most possible & likely scenarios by the looks of it:

    1) The political bureaucratics have no idea what the actual workings for what the plan of the new centralised power structure will be (which will just be something that a different upper bureacracy will replace, in increasingly shorter periods of time as the political bureacracies & their wealth that have taken over the institutions of society are liquidated themselves) but there are underlying scams ready to move in & take over beyond that of the political bureaucracy & it’s back room associates club.

    2) No one really has any idea, but it is just part of the repeating process of liquidating the wealth derived from status of political bureacracies over a societal’s self supporting institutional frames into smaller pools, that is the driving power into itself.

    It’s probably abit of a mix, but in the main i’d guess the biggest characteristic is 2, no one really has any idea!

  2. This is like Cameron’s associating of the 9/11 truth movement with supporters of ISIL as “non violent extremists”.

    If you want to be free of corporate looters then don’t endorse their actions by voting for them. All MP’s swear (or affirm) allegiance to the Crown, not to the people that they are supposed to represent.

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