And Then They Come For The Bloggers

With every journalist and TV presenter including the 60 minute team either being fired or put under severe pressure to shut up about important political issues the police have begun to harass writers of the Daily Blog and the editor Martin Bradbury aka as Bomber. Bomber was in fact one of the very first journalists to be banned from NZ TV for criticising John Key!

The article which triggered a “friendly” request to remove it for the sake of National safety (!) was written by John Minto.   

John Minto wrote the article in support of the workers at the Talley factories. He reminisced about what they did when fighting the apartheid regime which was wilfully damaging products coming from South Africa.

In the article he writes that in a purely metaphorically we should do the same with the Talley products as they attempt to break the meat workers union and trash their workers rights. He suggests that we should simply refuse to buy Talleys products as a way to show our displeasure with their Dickensian approach to workers rights and their union.

Bomber refused to take it down and the police told him they would be in touch with him next week. Bomber and John Minto, did not violate any law when the exercised their right to free speech. They did not call for violence and to call for a peaceful buyers strike against a company is hardly  calling for an all out revolution.

It is important to understand that this is part of a coordinated effort to shut down dissent! They came for the journalists and TV hosts of programs critical of the government and the international 1%er coup called the TPPA first and now they are coming for the bloggers!


10 thoughts on “And Then They Come For The Bloggers

      • I know, my uncle is one of NZs top journalists, if you want his name ill send it to you via e mail, as he may not appreciate me using his name, and he wont believe 9/11 is an inside job. My father asked him why the media wont report on the suicides of NZ farmers, and my first comment was his answer!

  1. The Daily Blog ‘types’ should consider themselves grateful to be mentioned in the same breath as here with Travellerev’s blogging overall.

  2. Boycott Talleys, just take the time to go and stand at the frozen foods and go thru all the brands and let people see you bypass Talleys when you choose or just act like someone mentally challenged and say “Fuck you Talleys”so everyone can hear you

  3. “People would go into supermarkets with their car key and quietly puncture the bags of dried apricots and scratch the labels on the wine bottles to make them unsaleable…. Small acts of civil disobedience like this are an appropriate response to the vicious attacks on workers’ rights.” ~ John Minto

    Minto is endorsing criminal damage – supposedly defending workers rights by injuring the rights of shop owners.

    • Playing the devil’s advocate here but the Supermarket chains aren’t exactly paying top notch living wages either and by selling Talley’s products endorsing their hideous treatment of their personnel.

      And he is expressing an opinion which you may not agree with but he is entitled to have. His post does call for a boycott not necessarily damaging goods.

      • I don’t have a problem with Minto expressing his opinions, but when he says that making goods unsaleable is an appropriate response he’s doing more than that.

        It’s the difference between “I think that Mr X is a liar” and “Mr X is a liar” – the first statement is only an opinion but the second could be defamatory.

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