Assad Is To Blame For ISIS! REALLY?

The US has called the Assad regime the root of all evil and blamed it for the existence of ISIS.

Remember Libya before the US and NATO bombed it back to the stone age under the guise of liberation. The country was stable, the people had peace, free healthcare, free education, housing, women were safe and had the right to education and choices of whom they married.

All that changed when we the Western world allowed our governments to wage war against them. It was Mohammar Gadaffi who was evil reincarnate then!

Remember Iraq before the US and NATO liberated them? Iraq was a stable country. Like Libya the people were safe, had jobs, had free health care, women had well paid jobs as doctors, lawyers professors. There was free healthcare, free education, Sunni and Shia got along, intermarried and it was safe to walk the streets at night.

Now it is Syria’s turn. Syria was a stable country until militias financed and armed by the West started a civilian war. Not Assad but the West created a lawless situation in Iraq and Syria. They did so in order to be able to wage another illegal war of aggression against a country that has not shown any sign of aggression towards us or anyone outside of their borders.

They did so because Russia wouldn’t allow them to attack Syria and the have started to drone bomb Syria to create a “ISIS free zone”. Just like they did in Iraq and Libya. The may call it an ISIS free zone, but I’m sure that in the next few weeks it will become apparent that they have destroyed Syrian infra structures and oil refineries in order to destroy the Syrian economy, such as it is and they will help their bought and paid for “liberation” troops to get to and destroy the ancient city of Damascus for another regime change!


The US has launched its first drone strikes on northern Syria from a Turkish airbase, the Pentagon reports. Earlier this week, the White House authorized airstrikes to protect “moderate” rebels in Syria, and included strikes against government forces.

Meanwhile on Thursday, the US State Department has pinned the blame for the chaos and the rise of jihadists in Syria on President Bashar Assad.

The Assad regime frankly is the root of all evil here … and has been instrumental in creating the kind of lawless area to the north where ISIL has been able to get purchase and extend its roots.”

A spokesman for the Pentagon said on Wednesday that an unmanned drone was launched on Monday from Incirlik Air Base and that preparations were underway for strikes inside Syria by manned US warplanes, Reuters reported.

The American armed drone hit a number of targets near Raqqa, Islamic State’s (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) stronghold in Syria, the Hurriyet Daily reported. Washington had previously only used the Incirlik airbase, which is near the southern city of Adana, for reconnaissance missions using drones.

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3 thoughts on “Assad Is To Blame For ISIS! REALLY?

  1. Syria was a stable and secular country with a good standard of living. Until the USA sponsored radical Muslim groups under the guise of “regime change”. Same in Egypt, Iraq and Libya. All are human rights disasters. So why ?

    The reason is simple. Israel. They want a weak and divided Arab world and achieve this through their proxy the USA.

  2. In the weeks preceding your article I have been in a conundrum as to the logic of the news reports and our govts naive reasoning for the middle east situation especially figuring out as to why Assad would be promoting ISIS and the ease that these forces have been able to move about so easily when the west is saying they are no 1 on the hit list
    As you explain I am appalled at the pigish arrogance of the west and I believe the Saudis to promote ISIS

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