Why Are Turkey And The US Killing The Kurds Who Are Fighting ISIS?

This week while we are all in pain over the death of Cecil the Lion something happened we didn’t read about in our Mainstream media and we should have. Especially since New Zealand soldiers are involved!

Obama authorised bombing raids to support ISIS Syrian “rebels” in the last two days while Turkey has started to bomb Kurdish positions and villages. The Kurds have been fighting ISIS over the last 12 months and I fail to see how that can be a bad idea seeing as we send over a hundred troops there to assist in the fight against ISIS.

Turkey and the US also called for an ISIS free safe zone which in Libya as you may recall was a euphemism for Kinetic action which as another euphemism for bombing the country back to the stone age resulting in waves of refugees entering Europe in boats barely seaworthy resulting in many drownings and popular unrest all over Europe as these poor people uprooted from what until the attack on Libya was one of the safest countries to live in! In Benghazi, once one of the most anti Gadaffi strongholds they have to use guns to disperse people demonstrating against the ongoing occupation and killings, chanting “Muammar, Muammar”!



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