Let’s Call The TPPA “Negotiations” What They Really Are: A Conspiracy To Commit Treason!

A conspiracy usually involves a group entering into a secret agreement to achieve some illicit or harmful objective. Open dictionary

Tim Groser is at war. He is at war with “ideoloques” who hate the TPPA purely based on their ideological reasons or so he says. Tim Groser says he put 6 years of his life in this deal and he will win!

We have so he says whipped up public frenzy by telling them about the few bits and bobs that were leaked and they reveal that health care, sovereignty and the right to decide over our own future are to be sacrificed to the financial interests of the big banks and corporations. We should not have done that, he seems to think and he berates us as breathless children and too stupid to be informed of what it is he and his Wall street banking Crime Minister are trying to sign away.

In the last polls only 4% supported the TPP and 96% voted against it.

That is not just a bit of whipped up frenzy. That includes the mainstay voter base of National, the farming community who is losing left right and centre! If anybody was whipped up into a frenzy about dairy prices forever going up and we will bring back a spiffing deal for you lot, it is them and they are waking up!

So here is what I propose:

How about calling the negotiations what they really are: A Conspiracy To Commit Treason, involving the trade ministers of eleven countries and little over 500 lobbyists representing the interests of the 0.01% of the most wealthy individuals of this planet, who to date, this year have spend close to half a billion of dollars to bribe lobby the people having to sign off on the corporate take over of 11 countries representing 40% of global GDP. I think they are selling themselves way to cheap. We are after all talking one of the biggest looting operations ever, (the other one is the TTIP) worth trillions of dollars per year!

Keep pushing. Keep educating and don’t let off. They need to know that we are not going away, we will never accept and there will be hell to pay if they think they can get away with this! Support heroes like Jane Kelsey in her quest to get to the bottom of the text and let them know we are watching them!

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