Reprieve, For Now But We Can Not Rest So Lets Push on!

Today the news reached us that the Corporate coup called the TPPA will not be signed because of the fact that most countries did not feel their needs were sufficiently met and other than the promise of a next meeting has amounted to nothing with almost all countries feeling the pressure from its people.

And with more and more leaks and admissions of downright treachery, bad deals with regards to health care, international kangaroo courts and foreign investors buying up our land with funny fiat money I hope the next meeting will be even harder for the conspirators trying to impose a corporate hegemony throughout the globe!

We can’t rest and I hope we’ll make it even more clear to our millionaire corporate Crime Minister John Key and his alcoholic, arrogant minion Tim Grosser on the 15th of August!

5 thoughts on “Reprieve, For Now But We Can Not Rest So Lets Push on!

  1. Trying to stop the TPPA is like farting in the wind, it may make you feel good, but it wont stop the machine. Its like the oil companies drilling in NZ at the moment and capping the wells and saying no oil here, YEAH RIGHT! For sure the powers that think that be will have another man made catastrophe lined up for any country that drags it heals, just like Feb 22!

    • The TPPA is a catastrophe.
      Climate geoengineering, the planned rfid chips, “price of life” calculators , mandatory unsafe vaccinations, mandatory dna testing with dna modifications,released untested GMO’s,control of all resources,control of the govt, control of the market, fear based mind conditioning , debt slavery, Jade Helms and chemtrails is not a catastrophe?
      The .01% want you to feel powerless and afraid.
      The TPPA is treason and the people of NZ have not and do not consent to the mega corporate’s drafted secret agreement .
      You consent Tectonic Taniwha -as is your right but I feel it is due to fear, fear of a much smaller catastrophe .
      26,000 years is a long time for humanity to wait for another opportunity to reset the system/ machine and infuse it with love and not hate and fear.

    • Nope lets not put our faith in hope for the political system, where we are lied to and told we have a “democracy” just so the oligarchy can rule under “rule of majority” .

      Keep spreading the truth .
      We can see the desperation and increased use of force by the corporation(govt)as the oligarchy increasingly becomes exposed for what it is and looses public trust, consent and support for its deadline Dec 2015.
      Some people are even freeing themselves from the constant fear mongering and distractions the media provides.

      There is still no disclosure of the TPPA.
      No consent no contract.

  2. In related news, one of the major corporate beneficiaries of the TPPA, big pharma, has had some bad press…

    Thompson saw and participated in violating the protocol of the study. He was there. He helped his co-authors destroy documents that would have shown an MMR-autism link.

    You can see a rush transcript of Congressman Posey’s remarks here (on the website), which includes his reading of a statement from whistleblower Thompson.

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