WikiLeaks Releases A Letter: TPPA Means Total Privatisation of all Assets and SOE’s Run For Profit

“The letter indicates a wide-ranging privatisation and globalisation strategy within the Agreement which aims to severely restrict “state-owned enterprises” (SOEs). Even an SOE that exists to fulfil a public function neglected by the market or which is a natural monopoly would nevertheless be forced to act “on the basis of commercial considerations” and would be prohibited from discriminating in favour of local businesses in purchases and sales. Foreign companies would be given standing to sue SOEs in domestic courts for perceived departures from the strictures of the TPP, and countries could even be sued by other TPP countries, or by private companies from those countries. Developing countries such as Vietnam, which employs a large number of SOEs as part of its economic infrastructure, would be affected most. SOEs continue to fulfil vital public functions in even the most privatised countries, such as Canada and Australia.”


Today Wikileaks released document called: SOE Issues for Ministerial Guidance. In it are guidelines on how, were what rules and regulation ministers will be expected to obey when they sign the TPPA.

Here is the original letter

Here is Jane Kelsey’s analysis:

Here is the PDF to her analysis

4 thoughts on “WikiLeaks Releases A Letter: TPPA Means Total Privatisation of all Assets and SOE’s Run For Profit

  1. TPPA will combine Soviet Union type control of all economic life with Sth American drug lord banana republic type Civil Society.

    It’s gonna be a real winner.

  2. What I feel is being forgotten (due to the wikileak from 2013 ) is that the contents of the TPP agreement still remains secret .
    Undisclosed means it has no consent.
    No consent has been given by the people of this nation for issues and matters that concern them.
    It concerns the people and not the SOE that public services will be suggested to be run for the megamonopoly corporation’s profits.

    Jane Kelsey has not read the TPPA.
    With the continuing non disclosure of the TPP NZ has not even had the ability or opportunity to analyse it.
    All wikileaks info is unverified, the TPPA (after two more years of secret mega corporate negotiations) could for all we know hand the foreign owned mega corporations that drafted it our nations sovereignty .

    On just the Wikileaks drips of unverified information the contents of the leaked TPP means its treasonous for any ministers to sign the TPP. (Not that a few MP’s haven’t already crossed that line).

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