Hellstorm: The Genocide Of The Germans

A couple of days ago A facebook friend and someone I have the greatest respect for gave me a link to a film I know is going to get up peoples noses big time.

His name is Gilad Atzmon. Gilad is a Jew, an ex-Israeli and a fervent anti-Zionist. His journey is a difficult one as he faces the may lies he has grown up with about his identity as a Jew and Israeli. He put the link up to this film about the Genocide of the German people in the last years of the period we know as WWII. I grew up in the aftermath of the war in Holland and like everybody grew up hating all Germans. I knew about the bombings and I knew that they were intense but it was generally excepted that the Germans got what they deserved and I knew no better.

This film based on the Book Hellstorm from Thomas Goodrich is an account of the period between 1944-1947 in which Germany saw millions of innocent citizens die horrific deaths and billions of dollars in property and the destruction of ancient cities with targeted bombing raids and systematic rape and murder of people who just like the rest of Europe had absolutely no say in the historic events unfolding around them.

To have a man of Jewish descent share this link even though the movie speaks of the “Zionist” propaganda and clearly paints Jewish/Zionists as the “bad” guys, which Gilad Atzmon suggests you ignore while watching this unnerving documentary, I thought I’d put it up so that we may educate ourselves about the hideous murderous genocide the Allies perpetrated on the German civilian population in a brutal revenge for the crimes of their leadership. The information is clear. The Allies were not the good guys. They were committing war crimes of truly apocalyptic proportions.

6 thoughts on “Hellstorm: The Genocide Of The Germans

  1. movie has been blocked in nz what a surprise, watched it few weeks ago should have downloaded it thanks though

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