Politician’s Children Should Be Left Alone…. Should They?

In the good old days the “made” boys had one rule: YOU LEAVE THE FAMILY ALONE!

That, so they said, was the honourable thing to do. You could kill each other and run rough shot over the neighbourhood, destroy the lively hoods from small shop owners in the quest for more loot but….. YOU LEFT THE FAMILY ALONE!

This badge of honour was important and everybody around these guys made damn sure they left the families of these guys alone. Everybody in the streets knew who the families of these guys were, how much money they spend and how luxuriously they lived but no matter what happened to your family you left theirs alone!

In fact if one of the “made” guys got killed or took one for the gang and went to prison to protect the Don, his family could count on an income. You want to know how that played out check out Godfather I, II, III.

There is a reason for this. If you make a deal to leave the family out of the line of fire you can play tougher, rougher and loot better. If there are, say, two groups in a neighbourhood who play by this rule they get to gain an awful lot.

The Mafia, because that is what we are talking about here, held this motto dear: THOU SHALL NOT TOUCH THE MEMBERS OF THE OTHER GANG’S FAMILY!

And herein lies the crux of the matter!

While they ran their scams, their violent rackets, their wealth extraction of the people around them, sold their drugs, pimped their “girls” they didn’t give a flying fuck about other people’s (read males) families!

Those were subjected to violence, death, poverty and untold hardship without so much as a smidgen of conscience!

Mafia family members (at least the ones at the top) lived lives of luxury, shielded from reality, travelled the world, had the best education and sometimes but often not, slowly took over the family empires and generally did very well.

Their victim’s families? Mostly not so good.

The restaurant owner whose business got taken over to be sucked dry and used as a a money laundering operation? His family would end up destitute. And so would all his employees families. His chefs, his waitresses, his cleaners.

The girl who got hooked on Mafia drugs and ended up as a prostitute? She was somebodies daughter too and her family most often ended up damaged, poor and fucked up. Mothers couldn’t sleep, worried about their daughters. Dads could no longer concentrate on their jobs and maybe the little brother ended up on crack cocaine too.

The guy who thought he had a great garbage collection business until the mob moved into his territory? He didn’t end up so good either. Maybe he had to get rid of dead bodies to keep his business and there was always the implied danger for his family. His employees had to take pay cuts because the mobsters wanted their share of the loot. The families of his employees had to get second jobs in other mob owned businesses for hunger wages because you see, the Mafia didn’t give a fuck about families!

They gave a fuck about money and about getting more for themselves and less for everybody else. The only way they knew how to do that was to keep people they needed (lieutenants, soldiers and other assorted thugs) loyal the best way to do that was to promise them that THEIR family would be safe.

This week a video emerged on Instagram. In it we saw Max Key and his girlfriend and a scantily dressed man we know as our Prime Minister. The backdrop? A $ 5 million dollar home in Hawaii. Max had a cute boy pony tail and and a fancy, casual, very expensive t-shirt on and his girlfriend impossibly long luscious blond hair (No doubt braided extensions of real human hair. Possibly from someone who had to cut it off and sell it to make ends meet) and that vapid rich girls beauty “Instagram” seems to show so much of.

We were promised more of the same and not only that, those of us who don’t have Instagram accounts were regaled with the photos detailing their extra-ordinarily privileged lives in our main stream media. Facebook was ablaze with them too.

In fact a couple of months ago a young woman, Stephie aka Cherry Lazar,  John Key’s daughter, had her first art exhibition in Paris and the subject was a lot of pink sexuality. Her own! Again we were regaled with the photos of her pale behind and the photo’s the result of obviously expensive gear and studio space coupled with lots of props and outfits made to suit the occasion. Not just her Instagram photos but our MSM promoted her privileged and sheltered world far away in Paris where her poppies money secured a place in one of the worlds top art schools!

Yesterday, politicians from all over the political spectrum, came out in support of John Key’s assertion that his children should be allowed to live “normal” lives and that Instagram was part of that normal life nowadays. and that he did not want to limit his children’s social lives by censuring what they put on Instagram.

We should, so we were told, not begrudge them for their wealthy lifestyle and their privilege. We were told to LEAVE THE FAMILY ALONE!

Over the last 7 years all of us. The people not part of the political system. Not part of the haves, the toffs, the  “made” men who made ALL the right lifestyle choices have been looted, scammed, sucked dry. The farmers have been lured into buying land, insured by fancy, newfangled, financial instruments we know as derivatives but might as well be called the most dangerous gambling instruments ever only to find their hopes dashed in a collapsing global economy.

Banks are calling in loans, selling New Zealand off to the biggest wallets on a global scale and the result is Max Key and his girlfriend walking around Hawaii, travelling around the world first class and us having to stare at Stephie’s crutch in the main stream media. But saying about it breaks the golden rule: YOU WILL LEAVE THE FAMILY ALONE!

The children of the 99% (in Greece 500.000 children alone are living under the poverty line and here in New Zealand 10.000’s of children are going shoeless and lunch-less. The number of homeless, especially FAMILIES is rising sharply and Max wanders into the expensive sunset with his expensive sneakers staring romantically into his blond bimbo’s girlfriends eyes while his sister puts on another sexy outfit to make another selfie for Instagram. And John Key stares into the blue while Brognan reads the Woman’s weekly  about her perfect marriage! Just like the families of the Mafia Dons of yore.

Here is what I say. let’s talk about Max and Stephie but let’s also talk about Mary 10, John 11 , Shelley 12 , Hone 9 , Tane 4, Haomoana 12, Hinemoa 3 living in soon to be privatized state homes or in the back of cars or the garages of families. Let’s talk about the division of wealth that allows the Steffies and the Max’s 0f this world to live lives of extra-ordinay luxury while so many of the children their father and his mates have robbed and looted and scammed, live in poverty, destitute with no future to speak of. Let’s speak about the children who killed themselves this year up North because they dropped out of schools to find a job, who got pregnant because it seemed a good idea at the time because their boyfriend really loved them and who are now trying to make ends meet while the dole is being cut by Max and Stephies father and his minions.

We can and should talk about Max and Stephie while their luxury lifestyle is being pushed in our faces by their dad’s PR guru’s. We should address the hideous gap between them and the hundreds of thousands of children with no futures because their fathers banking scams are ruining thousands of farmers, millions of people and an entire country.

In fact not discussing them and us would be doing the same as the people who were victimized by the Mafia were doing: Upholding a code of honour that made the Mafia the terrifying powerhouse it was and did nothing for the people they crushed. If we can’t discuss Max and Stephie we will never ever get the change we need to take care of the children who need it more.

Nobody is or should be exempt from scrutiny. If politicians can dump on poor people and their children, can take whatever social network away and drive them further and further into poverty then we can and should scrutinize the families of the people doing it!


19 thoughts on “Politician’s Children Should Be Left Alone…. Should They?

  1. Is Amelia Finlayson related to Chris Finlayson? maybe a merging of ‘the families’? where at the wedding envelopes of cash are handed over and deals made for the future of ‘the family’

  2. its all pretty comical really, you and i and everyone else are currently being spied on under the pretext that if youve got nothing to hide……lol

  3. The result of the iron grip of usury (which some people are exempted). More credit is needed to pay the old, and when that doesn’t happen: Warren Mosler here http://media.wrko.com/a/107490499/warren-mosler-greece-bailout-7-17-15.htm to paraphrase;

    “If there is no private sector credit growth then it must be replaced by Govt. borrowing growth, without either you have collapse.”

    Yanis V’s agonising and convoluted reasoning about his recent no vote http://yanisvaroufakis.eu/2015/07/21/why-i-voted-no-translated-by-thepressproject-international/ as Greece loses it’s sovereignty and heads towards a humanitarian crisis. The protection racket in action. We too will be debt serfs in our own country if we don’t chuck the moneylenders out, and JK is firmly in their pocket.

      • It show’s Key’s delusion in thinking he is part of what is currently a financial cabal. It’s Cast order has been inter-breeding within itself for it’s own insular loyalty and pre-eminence for at least centuries.

        Key is just another ambitious low rank politician with valuables to sell off, ie. NZ as some sort of haven for these elites away to escape to away from their global mismanagement & general governmental inadequacy.

        Key got his opportunities in life through honest socialists setting up a big welfare state which would take political types of all self declared ideologies, decades to eat through. The whole Cast order of this historical and global cabal, isn’t about to throw all their history away for ambitious ladder climbers like John friggin Key!

        All these political circles that will be scrambling about thinking they are part of the inner circles, and are setting themselves up as some kind of aristocratic overlords, in the dismantling of societal contracts of civilisation, will deep down, be despised by their overlords as wannabes, who are neccessary only while they serve a purpose in the fashion of collaborator to master.

        • His mother was a an Austrian Lazar (Jewish family) which also is the name of a major banking family. Who knows?

          He has several times been invited by the English Royal family. The last time with his whole family in Balmoral of Nazi greeting training infamy.

          • I don’t think the English royal family are Nazis! Aristocrats, sure. I don’t think they have control (as much as ownership is ctrl) over the financial systems workings.

            I have no problems with elites in charge of things, someones got to do it. But when elites are elites, due to sabotage & hinderance of the ability of properly running signal systems (demand & supply) to utilise and distribute relevant resources, & widespread benevalence there of, then waste and parasitic circumstances abound.

          • One of the outcomes of WW2 for Europe, was wiping out the more aristrocratic traditions in terms of political control/clout.

            Beyond nationalities, WW2 was a monopoly move on part of a section of the financial centres of influence against all other Industries.

            One way or another, there is always going to be a governing elite. Idealy, it should be a dynamic technocratic one (non-political), implementing the collective de-centralised demand and supply movements of the population’s independent collective decision making. This is what the technological industrial age requires for resource management, logic in it’s governing structure to match the logic of it’s techonological means.

            Aristocratic traditions, have always had strong senses of culture and dignity (that purely political ones do not) which depending on historical circumstance, had real trickle down effects on the societies at large to different degrees.

          • @Nik I disagree with your opinions .
            One of the outcomes of WW2 for Europe, was NOT wiping out the more aristrocratic traditions in terms of political control/clout.

            In society there does not have to “always “be a controlling elite ” (the status quo) .
            There is the ability to self govern that has not exercised and has been ignored with the mind control programs of the .01% that you seem to be promoting. Commonly called “Nanny babble” =”you are a child and can’t even self govern”. “Only a group of bankster’s corrupt elite can govern you”. This is stone age thinking Nik. More people can see the “aristocratic” corruption, exploitation and criminality of the .01% elites and their minions. F

            Most technology we see today that is just ‘clever’ (created with the intention to make money,spy on people,change climate, for warfare, or to fuel the elites tech bubble and maintain the status quo) without wisdom technology is destructive.

            Where you have been you have not noticed most of the “resources” ( and market) is cornered by the elites.

            Elitist traditions have always served to usurped human dignity and set up a ” better than you to rule you” belief system . These crazy conditioned beliefs are ending now, today a dirty corrupt aristocrat who sexually abuses children is seen for what he is.
            The veil of the false conditioned beliefs have lifted.

          • @Nik “Aristocratic Britain exposed as real welfare parasites (whilst the poor starve)”
            There is absolutely no dignity in aristocrats. The fascist right wing media are busy romanticizing the elite.

            That is what all the instgram sh#T about Key’s vacuous offspring promotion is all about , finding fools to “like” the children of the bankster’s minions -the parasitical elite.



          • As the blogger on this site can I say thank you for debating issues here? Please invite your friends and just remember I need to vet people only once for them to be allowed to comment here.

            I will keep an eye on interactions and I can be pretty brutal but again thank you for debating the issues!

          • Thanks for taking time out to share your convictions, but i think you are being un-fair to what i have been saying.

            The two World Wars did co-incide with the Industrial Revolution, and they also coincided with the evolution of a more advanced financial system or way of doing business – which was exploited as per a previous post.

            As to elites, my points weren’t supporting about corruption obviously. There is something Romantic, about social contracts being properly fulfilled in prosperous societies, and aristocratic traditions having components of that in the evolution of civilisations is just how it is. Whether it be an aristocratic tradition, or some other more modern one, there is a mutual shared ownership of a higher calling between governed and government, that both belong to when such social contracts are part of the identity of a society.

          • I am liking this comment JL
            “The banking cabal’s many wars always supported the financial system and the WW2, like all the banksters wars, strengthened it .Wars are big business for these aristocrats/.01% .They are used not just for wealth generation but also for maintaining control of a nation by using Chaos Principal. The media and govt tell the governed they have enemies (which they created) and then they invade another country. The debt slaves/governed are too fearful and have had the ability to think independently conditioned out of them by a years long indoctrination process. The aristocrats .01% keep the wars going for global domination ( including setting up control of peoples’s resources and distribution )and that is where their venture capital and investments are.

            Aristocrats/elites(01 %) have taken the wealth of the people at every opportunity ensuring wealth transfers from the people to themselves.Is that what are you referring to as an “aristocratic tradition”?

            People do not need contracts with a governor in order to be part of society. At birth people are a part of society -they do not require a contract. People should not form an identity of a governed (debt slave). An identity of” governed” in order to keep a banking cabal’s corrupt governing corporation (“government”) over nourished ( with a new fleet of limos).
            People have gotten lost in the identity of debt slave/governed by a corrupt elite within the aristocrats financial and governing system.There is nothing romantic about social contracts between debt slaves and .01% being “properly fulfilled”.
            The failing of performance of ‘social contracts’ by the govt is a failed contract . A non performance.

            @Travellerev As far as Key’s bloodline goes( who knows all we have is info from the mainstream media or the CIA funded Wiki) he might be a “lackwit” Rothschild bastard.”
            Who knows indeed.

  4. Not Jews, ZIONISTS and the 9/11 inside job on the 1987 and 2008 financial crises to install global Austerity to facilitate what is mentioned in the article
    This is Fascism

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