Good Luck Nicky Hager!

Nicky Hager heads to court today. I think he is going to need all the luck he can get because the law means nothing in this country any more. Rich prick National members and minions get name repression even when the victims want the name out (Name suppression of course was meant to protect the victims not the perpetrators.)

Sealed files get used by the police even though this was strictly off limits in Nicky Hager’s case and young men get away with rape even when they confess to it on a publicly available social media notice board. Just because they are connected!

Laws get circumvented, Prime Ministers get away with sexual harassment even if they do so publicly in a lunch room for months on end and precious resources such as Kauri wood get exported to China making people like Judith Collins and her husband hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Out leaders are lying shamelessly while promoting their buddies privatizing state housing and other public resources and looting the poor with GST and other taxes and cutting their social services.

Our prime Minister has lied us into an illegal war of aggression to be in the club and another minister is negotiating in secret with big lobbyists and lawyers to take away our sovereignty and that of all other countries in the world to be ruled by big unaccountable corporations!

You need it Nicky, you need all the luck in the world and in a country supposedly ruled by a court of law that is not how it should be!


2 thoughts on “Good Luck Nicky Hager!

  1. Sounds like the Crown is pathologically lying about the illegal 10hr long police raid and ignoring journalistic privilege. As no one would consider this illegal police action to be “polite” the Crown’s Whorsely should be made to retract his vile lies.
    It is courageous for Hager to fight the fight for journalistic privilege and freedom from police harassment( “the police state” that NZ has become).
    Well done, the NZ court system for many is an experience of being victimized again.

    “No rule of Law” an essay looking at the corruption of the NZ justice system.

  2. God defend NZ from fascist ,THE NZ GOVT and let the ghosts of the gallant and the courage of the living nail them where they stand when they lie to us

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