Changed My Mind, Please Share!

A week ago I wrote about the use of my badges as avatars. I was miffed that people would use them (even though I felt flattered they like them) as Facebook avatars without ordering a badge to support my blog.

No TPPA 60x60I would still love it people ordered my badges because it really would go a long way to support my blog and allow me to spend more time blogging and educating but with the Fast track granted to Obama to pursue the corporate take over of this planet I have decided that in order to spread the awareness of how bad the TPPA is and how very much John Key is part of that ruling elite I have decided to encourage everybody who reads this blog to take them and use them as avatars and profile pictures. Arrest John Key

If you think this is a great idea and you want to help me get more time to blog please order some and use them on bags, caps and everywhere you can put them to help spread the awareness we need to fight these bastards!Broken riffle 80x80

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