On Demonstrations They Don’t Want You To Know About! 200 – 250.000 People In Anti Austerity March In London!

While a photo of “ISIS” “Terrorists” cutting off peoples hands, throwing people off buildings or otherwise performing hideous acts of violence are splashed all over the frontpage, demonstrations as large as 40.000 to 250.000 people all over Europe never make it to the news papers at all here!

So I thought I’d start showing them here. We are not alone. We can change things and we have people all around the globe fighting for the same things and getting results. No matter how it is being denied by the mainstream media or ridiculed and maligned.

So here is the London anti Austerity March which according to the Daily Rag was only a couple of hundred people lead by spoiled brat multi-millionaires and according to RT London had an estimated 250.000 participants and according to the BBC did not exist at all!

Demo 1 Demo 4Demo 2 demo 3 Demo 4


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