On Badges And Avatars Or Why I Am Not Happy!

Last year I came into a little bit of money thanks to an inheritance. I invested $ 20.000 into an embroidery machine and software for embroidery design. I did so because I wanted to start a little business to support myself and my husband in a world that had vastly changed for both of us.

Until then I has spend 6 hours of my days 7 days a week, 10 years of my life researching, studying, writing and linking to articles to help people educate themselves and others. I have reached over 106.000 individual New Zealanders (over 250.000 globally) with between 200-400 new people visiting my site everyday.

I have reached people in 207 different countries and I did it all FOR FREE!

With my embroidery software I designed a series of badges for people to buy to support this site and help them express their political views. I didn’t expect huge sales but I did expect people to show integrity and respect my ownership of those designs and the willingness to buy one or two if they liked them.

Especially if they loved them so much they wanted to use them as their Avatars on Facebook!

I have seen several of my badges appear on Facebook and while I am flattered people like them that much I have had from abuse to “yeah, I’ll buy a couple” and then reneging on that statement.

To those people I would like to sa:

“How would you feel if not only your hard work online but your creative endeavours to support that were unceremoniously nicked and used without paying respect to you the person who had put in all the hard slog!”

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