John Pilger’s War By Other Means.

To understand what is happening in Greece and how they are being bullied into accepting the same role we have traditionally assigned to the “developing” countries you have to understand how these third world countries we so diligently tried to “help”arise from poverty were in fact paying more EVERY DAY in interest payments to the World banks and the IMF then the measly feel good actions we performed once or twice with the likes of red nose day or Bob Geldoff’s day of let’s help Africa feel good porn .

In fact to understand what is happening in New Zealand, Spain, Italy and Ireland this film will also be very enlightening.

So far the only country which has escaped the plight the big banks wanted to seduce them into, is Iceland which let their over-leveraged banks collapse  and put the bankers responsible in jail. Something you might think about as our Economic hitman/Prime Minister/Wall street banker runs rampage in New Zealand, heaping billions of debt on our shoulders in order to do the same here as his banking mates did in Greece!

Ladies and Gentlemen I give you “War by other means”


4 thoughts on “John Pilger’s War By Other Means.

    • On the topic of the mega corporations plans to overtly take over NZ(TPPA) NZ public assets being given to mega corporations illegally by the odious debt creating govt .
      The CCDHB have privatised hospital services aka “Southern Community Laboratories SCL” -parent “Healthscope” -parent The Carlyle Group in bed with and( if you follow investment capital ) Serco (an umbrella corp).
      These are big foreign corporate players, the govt has starting by privatizing crucial services at the hospital knowing the public will not tolerate it at once they will slowly do it . And then create a “problem” (debit )to which they pose the only “solution” is (insert another word for privatisation such as) PPP .
      Then foreign mega corporations with little company names can take the public hospital over.
      If any rights/protections are claimed or asserted by the people of NZ they will be sued in the corporate court(ref TPP as per cia’s wikileaks)

      It is a war and most people do not know its happening they are so distracted by the sideshows or still believe govt lies.

  1. Thanks for your posts .
    Its a case of an odious debt AND a no confidence in John Key & co (“the corporation”/govt).
    The NZ corporation’s MP has now proposed more austerity for NZ and service cuts to the poor allowing a corrupt private mega corporation( SERCO) that profits off prison privatisation to run NZ social services. Serco do not meet targets and nuclear weaponry
    These austerity/privatisation measures follow the people of NZ being forced into an odious debt setup comprised of of banking and investment bailouts.
    Watch this one they plan that SERCO will then get handed the NZ hospitals if people continue to stay quiet (and so give their consent).
    Absolutely its a war but to win this it must be to stop giving consent to this group of weak corrupt evil puppets .
    When the whole nation is gone/sold/privatised/in debt this time we will not even be able to be forced to buy it back as the banksters mega corporations will be ruling it TPP-so NOW is a good time to say NO.

    This Odious debt creation outcome of “austerity”privatisation and outsourcing always has higher costs as you can see when you follow what is happening with PPP in the UK .
    Outsourcing and PPP has been the source of increasing controversy as scandals surround some of the biggest firms, from the fit-for-work assessments by Atos to the electronic tagging of offenders by Serco.

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