Fat Tourists Don’t Like Reality On Their Holiday On Kos

“How many more can Kos take? Holidaymaker misery as thousands of boat people from Syria and Afghanistan set up migrant camp to turn popular Greek island into ‘disgusting’ hellhole.” Title of a Daily mail article about Tourist “misery” in Greece.

For the last 14 years their countries have waged wars on other countries. The targets? Countries that did nothing to them with people who lived there just living peaceful lives, minding their own business, worshiping their own God, trying to get by much as you and me. 

The only difference being they got by on much less while the West sucked their countries dry of oil ad other resources on an unprecedented scale. The people in the West and yes, that includes New Zealanders lived the life of Ryan over the backs of millions and millions of people in what we now call Muslim countries.

In fact since 1990 it is now estimated the West killed 4 million Muslims and counting.

Yesterday the Daily Mail online published an article about the appalling amount of refugees arriving on a daily bases in Greece. This time they showed the effects of the influx of people to scared to stay in their own country after ears of West instigated civil war in Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq on the Island of Kos.

What the article stated was not so much the absolute despair of the people forced to leave their homes and families but the effect it had on the fat Western tourists trying to enjoy their cheap mid term holidays!

If you ever needed to find a more poignant image of the Malignant Narcissistic Western disconnect of reality for most of the people living in Arab and Muslim countries (No the two are not the same) and the damage we cause there on a daily bases I don’t know where you would find it!

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