NATO Aggression Alert: Well Trained Men Are Killing People In Macedonia

Several days ago I posted on the fact that NATO would not let Greece leave the Euro. It seems they are preparing to stop Greece as we speak.

On 10 May 2015 a group of highly trained men attacked several malls in the former Yugoslav province called Macedonia and killed up to 22 people. We are told that they aimed at destabilising the country. Some 14 of the men where shot and on their bodies the local police found insignia of the disbanded ethnic Albanian Kosovo Liberation Army, or UCK. But no ID’s were found.

And whatdaya know! The Carnegie Europe web site publishes an article about “the uncertain future of Macedonia” in which it supports the call for NATO and Europe to come to the aid of the Macedonian government by the Gjorge Ivanov, Macedonia’s president.

Now here is what not a lot of people know and you most certainly won’t find discussed in the MSM: Greece and the Republic of Macedonia are in a bitter dispute over the name Macedonia. Greece you see is very worried that if the Republic will be allowed to simply call itself Macedonia it will start a campaign to promote the separation of the Greek part of Macedonia from Greece and that would be dangerous and destabilising for Greece.

What is aggravating the situation is that the people in the Republic of Macedonia are from Slavic descent and the people living in Greek Macedonia are from ethnic Greeks descent but identify as Macedonians. It is classic NATO Modus operandi to set inflame ethnic differences in order to justify invasions and bombardments as the history of the balkanisation of the former republic of Yugoslavia has shown.

It all sounds very Gladio to me and it has me greatly worried about Greece.


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