On Operation Gladio And The Emergence Of Targeted Pinpoint Terror Attacks Around The World

Europe in the postwar period was a place with a lot of for most of us invisible political tensions. The Fascists had been conquered. Germany was split in two. Italy was a true democracy and the only place which still had a bit of a dodgy ruler was Spain where Franco ruled until he died in 1975.

All other countries were free and democratic and Europe was finally free of the war that had lasted five years and had laid to waste the entire European economy. So all was fine or so we were told….

It was not…

Unbeknownst to the general population the US and NATO and the financial powers behind the thrones wanted to keep control but the populations of Europe were looking at other ways to regulate their economies and the were straying from the Capitalist model. They wanted a more socialist societies with social and financial support for everybody in times of financial duress. They wanted free healthcare for all and they elected leaders which were willing to give that to them by taxing the wealthy and protecting their populations against exploitation and the PTB didn’t like that.

In 1952 a secret network was put in place. The  secret network we now know as the Gladio network started a campaign of terror and political manipulation to inject fear in the peoples of Europe and they acted predictably. They voted for more conservative politicians and retreated from their socialist dreams of egalitarian societies in favour of more safety and protection.

If you want to know more about that time and Gladio here is an excellent documentary from the  BBC from 1992:

Operation Gladio is well researched and it’s existence is confirmed well beyond the level of conspiracy theories so it is safe to say that governments are capable of inserting malignant destabilising organisations in any society and it would be naive to think they would do so now.

With the emergence of ISIS and the series of murderous “terrorist” attacks allegedly being perpetrated on a global scale in countries such as Canada, Australia, France, Denmark and now Texas in the US I thought it timely to link to an article from Researcher and journalist Tony Cartalucci  first published on Activist Post:

Garland Shooting: Operation Gladio, Texas-Style

By Tony Cartalucci

Garland shooting involved troupe of practiced war propagandists and patsies long on the FBI’s watch list.  

ABC News confirms that one of the suspects of the Garland, Texas shooting incident, featuring professional war propagandists of the so-called “American Freedom Defense Initiative” (AFDI), has been under FBI surveillance and investigation since at least as early as 2007.

Their report, “Garland Shooting Suspect Elton Simpson’s Father: ‘My Son Made a Bad Choice’,” states:

Followers of ISIS had been sending messages about the event in Texas for more than a week, calling for attacks. One referenced January’s Charlie Hebdo massacre in France and said it was time for “brothers” in the United States to do their part.

Simpson was well known to the FBI. Five years ago he was convicted for lying to federal agents about his plans to travel to Africa where investigators alleged he planned to join a terror group.

The investigation into Simpson reached back to July 2007, when he was recorded saying of fighting with Islamists, “I know we can do it, man. But you got to find the right people that… Gotta have connects.”

Despite the event allegedly increasing chatter amongst “Islamic State” (ISIS) groups online, and despite the suspect Elton Simpson being long under FBI surveillance and even sentenced to 3 years probation resulting from a terror-related investigation, he was still able to conveniently conspire and carry out an attack on a highly provocative propaganda stunt in the state of Texas.  

Garland Shooting Fits Pattern of Larger Staged Terror Campaign 

As with all other staged provocations, including similar shootings in Paris, France, Copenhagen, Denmark, and Sydney, Australia, the suspects were well known to state security agencies for years, but allowed to conspire and carry out predictable, deadly, and politically highly convenient attacks. All of this echos the similar and long-since exposed staged provocations of the notorious “Operation Gladio,” carried out by NATO.

In Paris, France, the suspects in the so-called “Charlie Hebo Shooting” were under the watch of security forces for years, were in and out of jail specifically for terrorism, were known to have left France to join terrorists fighting with Western-backing in Syria and return, only to be left “unwatched” for precisely the 6 months they would need to plan, assemble the weapons for, and prepare to execute the attack.

In Copenhagen, an assailant who attacked a synagogue killing 2, was also well known to security agencies. The Washington Post would report in their article, “Danish attacks echo France,” that:

The assailant in this weekend’s attacks was well known to Danish intelligence, Madsen said. In November 2013, Hussein stabbed a teenager in the thigh while aboard a commuter train, and according to Danish media, he had recently been released from prison following his conviction.

But it was unclear whether this weekend’s assailant was under surveillance and, if so, how he managed to slip free long enough to plan an attack with an assault rifle.

Once again, suspects under surveillance and even arrested and imprisoned as violent offenders or as terrorists, managed to conveniently “slip free” of security agencies just in time to carry out attacks that just so happen to help the West continue its extraterritorial wars raging abroad, and continue building an abhorrent police state back at home.

Finally, in Australia, a suspect who held up a cafe in a deadly hostage crisis, was literally brought to Australia from Iran for the purpose of waging a propaganda war on Iran. When this failed to materialize, the “shape-shifting sheik” would morph to fit the villain necessary to match whatever narrative was currently being floated around the Western media. His final performance would help bolster the illusion that ISIS is an enemy of the West, rather than a creation and perpetuation of it, and to this day serving as the West’s extraterritorial mercenary forces in nations like Syria and Iraq.

A Modern Day Gladio 

NATO’s Operation Gladio, and its larger “stay behind” networks established after World War II across Europe and at the center of multiple grisly assassinations, mass shootings, and terrorist bombings designed to demonize the Soviet Union as well as criminalize and crush support for left-leaning political parties growing in popularity in Western Europe. It would be determined that NATO’s own covert militant groups were killing innocent Western Europeans in order to effect a “strategy of tension” used to instill fear, obedience, and control over Western populations.

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