While John Key Visited Saudi Arabia The Country Bombed A Foreign Nation Back To The Stone Age

While John Key was trying to sell our dairy to and get into a “free trade” agreement with the Saudi regime that same regime was engaged in a two week bombing spree in one of the worlds poorest countries, Yemen.

Yemen has no army to speak off and other than a few warlords dominating the rural communities as they have done for centuries Yemen hasn’t done anything to anybody for a long time. Yet we are being told that Yemen is the breeding ground for AL Qaeda (the Bin Laden originated from Yemen but now is very closely linked to the Saudi Royal family) and and other international “terrorist” groups.

Here is an article from Mehdi Ebrahim about what is happening in Yemen and the role Saudi Arabia is playing in the region and keep in mind that John Key would not look the other way when he roped us into sending troops to “fight ISIS” while he is very happy to sign our sovereignty away to tyrannical rulers because make no mistake, the moment the TPPA is signed corporations from countries like South Korea and Saudi Arabia will be able to buy whatever they want here and sue the shit out of our government when we want to protect our assets and our sovereignty!


‘Saudi adventurism’ had invariably been clandestine until Yemen was shelled and razed to the ground over the course of a fortnight. The Arab world had never witnessed such a ruinous calamity, and the so-called human rights organizations just like any other time in history shamefully turned a blind eye to it.

It stands out a mile that such blatant ferocity could have certainly been averted had Arab stooges done their American masters less bidding. With the benefit of hindsight and by looking back on history, what we may construe is that those nations that kindle the starting flames of war are well aware of its repercussions and yet unbeknownst to the fact that, as the saying goes, “what goes around comes around.” The disastrous consequences of such a political karma will definitely have its toll on this fledgling warmongering tyro in the Middle East.

Gone are the days one could be so innocent as to be bullied and bossed around by viciously squalid lackeys. This drastic miscalculation by Saudi Arabian army officials was just more than a simple act of intimidation and emerged as an all-out war. This premeditated saber-rattling manifested itself as a regionally havoc-wreaking and globally hair-raising incident, which led to an Arab-on-Arab fight in a losing battle.

The Saudis wrongfully subscribed to this belief that the aspiration for ‘The Arab Spring’ will be relinquished or re-vanquished rather than replenished; however, they had no single clue that this concerted anti-dictatorship effort had already matured from a smoldering flame into a devastating bonfire. One can shoot a person’s body but not a person’s belief. Once again, in the 3rd millennium, history mercilessly rides its chariot on the seared bodies of the innocent and the deafening silence of the peace-keeping officials sounds insufferably egregious.

Yemenis search for survivors under the rubble of houses destroyed in an overnight Saudi air strike on a residential area in Yemen’s capital, Sana’a, May 1, 2015. (© AFP)


Upon further perusal over the past decade in particular, you will find that Saudi Arabia has proved to be verily subservient to its Western allies and submissive to their belligerent demands. Saudi Arabia’s political chameleonism is very much to be frowned upon while interacting with other neighboring countries in the region. Obsequious Saudis never seem to back down or own up to their surreptitiously devious track record. Saudi Arabia, with some 40-year hegemony and its onslaught against Yemen claiming approximately 3,000 civilian lives is nothing short of a blatant violation of all treaties. One should wonder how many more sinless people are to be slaughtered until human rights organizations realize the gravity of the situation.

Humanitarian crises at that high a level need to be addressed by legal as well as natural entities so as to raise universal awareness and evoke concerted efforts to change the status quo. By no means can a single voice make a change and the world is well aware that even gagging the media, banning and breaking up rallies will get powerful vested interests nowhere.

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