War Commemoration In Holland

The clock of 8 pm just passed in Holland. And as always the two minutes leading up to that hour the dam square in Amsterdam was full of people commemorating the start of WWII in Holland on the 4th of May 1940. The people who died in concentration camps. Jews, political dissidents, gays and other undesirables. The people who died to liberate the country and the people who died to keep an alternative news stream going because the MSM was just used for propaganda.

As a child my father would take me and my sister to the busy Overtoom street and we would stand there and watch the trams and cars come to a standstill and we would stand the silence.

As a young adult I went to the war monument and watched the parade and the placing of wreaths at the foot of the war memorial.

I thought we would never engage in something as horrible as war. I thought that having been on the receiving end of an invasion and the systematic destruction of our country, economy and culture which lasted 5 years to the day we would refrain from invading other countries.

I thought that we would protect our press freedom with passion forever and we wouldn’t let our politicians get away with corruption and warmongering ever again and our young men and women would be safe from being called to serve in wars we should not be in.

I watched the pomp. The king and his wife. The military uniforms and the few people, now frail and old, who had seen the horrors of WWII. I grieved like always for the people who, like my parents grew up during that time and who brought the poison of that war with them to their adult lives. I mourned for the people who did not come back from the  Concentration camps and for the young men and women who dies to liberate us. But even more this time I grieved for the dead of the wars we have been engaged in since then. The wars in Afghanistan, Yugoslavia, Iraq,  Libya, Syria.The innocent people who were killed for the oil we wanted and whose countries have been destroyed in the new imperial conquests from the West against the East.

I grieved for the lies our politicians are telling us, about the people who died in the airplane shot down over the Ukraine, our membership of NATO and the coming wars in which we will be picking, without exception, the side of the aggressor. I watched the man we call our king and his wife, the daughter of a murderer who was part of the Junta of Argentina and I was enraged that we should be remembering those who died in WWII standing next to those who are instrumental in dragging our young men and women into their new stinking wars of conquest and destruction and most of all…?

I despaired of the MSM who once again have become a tool for propaganda and the misinformation. For the fact that like my grandfather I am writing to get real news to people because our news papers and journalists won’t. I fear the laws our politicians are pushing through make writing about real news on blogs such as mine a dangerous job because if we write about the wrong people we can be send to jail. It seems that, while we may not see war in our streets… yet, not a lot has changed really. Not a lot at all.

3 thoughts on “War Commemoration In Holland

  1. Sadly for people in the ”protected west” we are everyday subjected to the psychological war reigning down from our govt who think they are just so right for us and love to use the Rosie tv box to gloss over and keep us ignorant, like Keys patronizing speech at Chunuk Bair memorial .

  2. Very well written. Like you, I had a parent whose life was deeply affected by Hitler’s war – a Jewish Austrian father who managed to get out aged 17. We grew up always understanding the absolute horror of war and hate – and, like you, I now fear for our freedoms and our values very much

    • Thank you so much for reading this post. This comment means a lot to me. I think we are heading into the perfect storm with people like John Key pandering to his international masters. I am grateful for people like you and your brother who will not keep silent.

      By the way only the first comment needs to be approved. From now on your comments should you choose to make them will appear straight away.

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