Old Symbol, New Badge : The Broken Riffle, War Not In My Name!

This week was kind of an eye opener for me. I took the time to teach myself about WWI. I found it to be riveting. I never knew that it was just a family tiff between a couple of cousins. A 10 million dead “little” people family tiff but a family tiff never the less.

The good thing was that the Czar and the Kaiser paid for it with their thrones and in the Czar’s case with his death and that of his entire family. The bad news is that on of them, the king of England, kept his throne and his life. What is more the descendants of that king are pushing the pageants and their offspring like never before while their ruling elite drags us once again into their for profit, illegal wars of aggression to die so they maybe richer than ever before.

Broken rifle 80x80After all this study I was inspired to design a new badge. I decided to use an old symbol that first appeared in the January 1909 issue of De Wapens Neder (Down With Weapons), the monthly paper of the International Antimilitarist Union in the Netherlands. I was later  adopted by Pacifists International and I remember vividly the pewter pin many wore after WWII and while protesting the war in Vietnam in Holland when I grew up.Broken riffle 80x80

I made two versions. One in black and white and one with the “war not in my name” text in red. As usual they come in two sizes (60×60 mm and 80×80 mm).

All my badges are made to order in my own little workshop and support this blog. For those of you who have ordered some of my earlier badges accept my gratitude and I hope that this badge will find a way to all of you who wanted our governments to know that the wars they want to drag us into are not fought in our name.

To order click on the pictures or go to the store and pick the ones you want in the size you want them.

Thank you



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