The King, The Kaiser And The Czar Or Why We Should Never Go To War Again

Yesterday I scanned, as I often do, the Daily Mail website and I saw a link to an article about how an unknown billionaire had ordered a modification to a Boeing 747 to the sum of $ 400 Million. The Daily Mail makes sure that  at least once a day some extraordinarily vulgar display of wealth passes the eyes of its readers and this was no exception and as usual I wondered how this individual was able to leach so much wealth out of the rest of us to be able to literally build a flying palace.

The person who was able to do so undoubtedly took an example from from the monarchs who ruled when they started WWI and the studied them well because with the help of their Sock puppets and since the new Pearl Harbour of 2001 they are making their money in the same way the rulers of yore and not so yore (the British royal family).

How? By sending people naïve and gullible enough to believe the MSM propaganda into wars in the same regions they did 100 years ago.

At least we know the names of the monarchs who started WWI. Here is their story:

The King, the Kaiser and the Czar:

2 thoughts on “The King, The Kaiser And The Czar Or Why We Should Never Go To War Again

  1. The truth is that the banking cartels have purposely used & still do, anti-semitism against the quasi-Jewish ‘race’ as a tool of distraction, and something as brainless as manufactured racial ideology fits the bill perfectly while the real swindles go on obliviously to the masses.

    War in the industrial age is simply about the financial centres seeking monopoly, against other competing economic interests & industries, of societies’ economic & thus political systems.

  2. The Jewish bankers started WW1 as they have started all wars for the last 500 years. WW1 was designed to bankrupt nations and force Germany and Britain off the gold standard. Mission accomplished.

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