Two Videos That Say It All: John Key Is A Warmongering Sexist Pig!

With All the Hullabaloo about John Key tugging girls and women’s pony tails like a five year old kinder garden school boy in the presence of Bronach the teacher I thought I’d put two video’s together that tell the tale of John Key’s disfunctionality louder than any words could ever do.

Here is the link to the Campbell show scene in which he pulls a girls pony tail and here is the recording of his back bench speech in 2003 where he sounds almost Hitlerian in his passion when he talks about the need for this country to go to war with the US against a sovereign nation which had done nothing to harm us.



One thought on “Two Videos That Say It All: John Key Is A Warmongering Sexist Pig!

  1. The Vatican owned Crown Inc Franchise grooms, hires, promotes and protects sex offenders and potential sex offenders to most of its top positions – as these people are the easiest to bribe and control. Fact. Still not one arrest in the Westminster pedo ring scandal. The Judges who also work for the Vatican Inc are the Global mafia that make it all possible- with their name suppression ‘laws’. One more of them in the papers this week- given 12 months until trial by “club member” Judge Paul heath – to allow enough time for a cover up.

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