Winston Wins. What’s Next?

I voted for Winston in the election before the last. I don’t agree with many of his policies but I know he is a great shit stirrer. I pray he doesn’t sell out and he will be remembered as the one who kept the TPPA at bay. He would be in the history books for a very, very long time!

4 thoughts on “Winston Wins. What’s Next?

  1. Yes Winston is just one of the Corporation’s puppets used to keep people under control by believing( incorrectly) they have a democracy. Its wake up time my friends, wake up and smell the sulphur oozing from the cracks in the “beehive” as they shout “austerity” at us and give themselves a raise.
    The mayor of Wellington calls herself an “executive leader for peace” in a brochure which is about War (and the second huge, expensive and ugly war memorial park). They worship war and want us to, they give themselves titles with the word “peace” in them just so they can war monger and they think we will be fooled by their lies.

  2. Winston’s role is just to make the people believe that there is opposition to a NWO( & TPPA) .
    The TPPA -Drafted by Mega Corporations of the City of London – set the stage for the takeover of local govt and all protective sovereign processes.
    Now it is important to not give consent to the NWO’s structures (such as the super cities/amalgamations & TPPA) .

  3. Very real fears but I believe Winston knows the power of democracy is greater than him and if he reneges it will be down hill in the next election like the last time it happened to NZ First and if the majority of the country is continuing to get a raw deal from National like before Helen Clarke got in people will remember and look out for the Green Revolution its more powerful than people think
    Its Global

  4. Everything you say is right.

    Winston is a through and through Tory I was only happy that National lost that electorate seat.

    Maori on the general roll especially shouldn’t trust him either.

    I could be wrong but I have this gut feeling that Key took the Northland seat for granted and also I suspect he knew about Sabin’s police probe probably before Sabin knew but was hoping that he’d get that damn TPP through with his MPs plus that little bowtie creep and snotty bums Act…But Peters could give him his vote…He wants a ministerial portfolio and knowing Key will lick his backside if he has to..To get that TPP through

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