On The GCSB, Spying And The Panopticon Effect Or Why Nicky Hager Is Naïve And We Are All In Danger

I have met Nicky Hager and been to lectures and speeches of his. I have corresponded with him via email on various occasions and subjects and I really like his intelligence, his professionalism, integrity and attention to detail.  I also really like him on a personal level and contributed twice to his legal fund.

I think I read all his books and I learned a great deal about New Zealand politics and the role this country plays in the Anglo-Saxon empire.

BUT…. and that is a big but, I will never ever understand why he stops were he stops when assessing the events he uncovers within the bigger picture. It is as if he only wants to address the one issue that he can prove without drawing conclusions that might be  too scary to contemplate.

I mean here is a journalist whose house has been raided and whose computers have been confiscated in a clear attempt to intimidate independent, investigative journalism. A man who is being vilified and maligned by a MSM controlled by basically one international corporation.

Also I’m sure he can see the situation in the US where people are picked of the street for merely writing something bad about Obama on Facebook. As in EVERYBODY is being spied on. In fact in this interview he clearly states that the GCSB is not a New Zealand affair but an NSA one.

Now how can he seriously tell me that they are not spying on New Zealanders in the same totalitarian way?

How can Nicky, for all his smarts, not understand that even spying on 80 New Zealanders brings into being the Panopticon effect which serves to subdue free speech and criticism of the PTB in a very real and scary way?

In this video he talks with Tim Selwyn  about how New Zealand spies on almost every  bloody country in the Pacific BUT not on all New Zealanders. Sorry Nicky but… Yeah right!

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