On Andrew Krieger, Currency Wars And Financial Terrorism Or Why John Key Is A Criminal In More Than One Way

“The use of force without UN sanction constitutes an act of aggression, the ‘supreme international crime’, for which Nazi planners were hung at Nuremberg.” Sam Oldman

In an excellent quest post at the Daily Blog Sam Oldman makes the case for war crimes against both Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbot and our own Prime Minister John Key.

It is perfectly clear that the wars of aggression directed against nations who have not shown the least interest in attacking other nations, since the terrorist attacks of 2001, have nothing to do with liberation, fighting terrorists or protecting the West.

Even if Sam Oldman ignores the obvious scientific problems with regards to the events of 9/11 he points out that the ongoing drone attacks of innocent people in Pakistan, Jemen and Somalia, the horrific mass slaughter of Palestinians in the Concentration camp that is Gaza, only serves to perpetuate “terrorism” as people, tired of seeing their families being killed by the “great Satan”, fight back with whatever means available.

He also points out the obvious hypocrisy of both leaders as they ignore Israel’s aggression, support suppressive regimes such the Saudi royals and Egypt’s Hosni Mubarak and I would like to add their total denial of the the mass murder of more that 500.000 native people in West Papua by Indonesian troops.

But even as these facts stand there is another layer of John Key’s crimes which do not get the attention they deserve.

The crimes I am speaking of are acts of financial terrorism perpetrated by the international banking elite in the ongoing currency wars they manipulate governments into waging for them.

Here are four more words for your financial dictionary before we delve into some of John Key’s financial crimes: Economic and Currency warfare and Economic and Financial terrorism.
Here are their definitions:
Economic warfare: This is a form of warfare which is perpetrated by states against other states which is focused on destabilizing the economy of the targeted state. The repercussions can be devastating as witnessed during the economic sanctions against Iraq when about 500.000 children died as a result of a lack of medicines and hygiene products which Iraq was not allowed to import.
Currency warfare: A term coined in September 2010 by Guido Mantega, Brazil’s finance minister, means the manipulation of currencies for several purposes. The most innocent being that of lowering the value of a currency to become more competitive in international trade. And while that is generally the definition of a currency war there are much more sinister purposes for waging currency wars.
The amount of a currency available to a population and the lack of necessities due to economic “sanctions” can make or break an economy and one of the most famous of all currency wars took place between the England and America when the English wanted to keep control of the colonies.  In order to achieve this they limited the amount of currency available and made minting their own coins illegal, stifling the economy of America to the point were people had to start bartering and take payment in coins other than that of the English overlords.

It is fair to say that contrary to Economic and Financial terrorism, which we’ll discuss below, currency and economic wars are perpetrated by states against other states while financial and economic terrorism is perpetrated by corporate and financial transnational entities and even by wealthy individuals.
Economic Terrorism: Are actions undertaken by a group orindividualsin order to destabilise a group or a nation. In fact:

in 2005 the Geneva Centre for Security Policy defined economic terrorism in the following terms:

Contrary to “economic warfare” which is undertaken by states against other states, “economic terrorism” would be undertaken by transnational or non-state actors. This could entail varied, coordinated and sophisticated or massive destabilizing actions in order to disrupt the economic and financial stability of a state, a group of states or a society (such as market oriented western societies) for ideological or religious motives.

These actions, if undertaken, may be violent or not. They could have either immediate effects or carry psychological effects which in turn have economic consequences.

Financial terrorism: According to the Urban dictionary a financial terrorist is:
Any person or entity that knowingly and willingly distorts the financial markets and/or the economy at large for their own personal benefit or political benefit at the expense of a large body politic.
Financial Terrorists can be one person, group of people,small medium or large corporations that can get the government to not make laws or regulations to protect the general population from their greed and corruption.

Following are some of those acts of financial terrorism John Key was and still is involved in.

  • One of the first acts of financial terrorism in recent times, coined “patient zero” by Frank Partnoy in his book “Infectious greed” and one which stood at the beginning (and may even have been a test run to see if they could pull it off) of a huge spate of such acts was the attack on the New Zealand dollar in October 1987.

    John Key’s involvement with the the attack is well documented in this Sunday time article. John Key however lies about the year in which these “trades” were made. While he  tells us that he only dealt with Andrew Krieger, the other actor in this act of financial terrorism, after the attack which is legendary in the annals of Wall street the time he tells us is in August 1988. However Andrew Krieger left the Bankers trust bank either in December 1987 or January 1988. Andrew Krieger left the Forex trade altogether until his return in 1990, after  a short stint as manager of forex portfolios for George Soros (Another famous financial terrorist) in April 1988 making a lie out of John Key’s time line. If you need more information about this crime here is the link to an open letter I wrote to Eugene Bingham with links to the NY times archives proving that Andrew Krieger and John Key could not have worked together in 1988.

  • According to the unabridged “Unauthorized biography” of John Key, which appeared on July 19th 2008, John Key was responsible for firing a large part of his staff as a result of an ‘economic” down turn garnering him the nick name of the smiling assassin.
    What the article did not mention is the fact that John Key did rather well while a series of economic crises occurred. These “crises” according to the News paper where called the Russian, Asian and dot.com crises.

    However non of these were so much crises as well orchestrated bubbles designed to make an aweful lot of money for the banking elite while terrorising the targeted economies. One such bank was Merrill Lynch where John Key was the head of Forex (The exact same money trade used to destroy the economy of Russia, Asian countries and plunder the Irish economy where John Key personally started the Merrill Lynch branch to help do just that) If you want to learn more about the organised series of “Rolling crises” read this excellent series of 5 articles of F William Engdahl called the Financial Tsunami)

  • When John Key “left” banking in 2001 to return to New Zealand he did not stop with financial terrorism. As with the more commonly known crime syndicates such as the Mafia one does not leave banking and one has a serious code of silence. The crimes perpetrated during his tenure as our Prime Minister where not so much on the international financial stage but very much directed, like the 1987 attack, against New Zealand and it’s naïve and docile population.
  • First there were the cuts in services, the “part” privatisations of state owned utilities, then there are the sales of state homes rendering vulnerable in society homeless and ready for more looting by international corporations.
    He opened up the market for international investors and is allowing the same irresponsible bubble building that happened in Ireland and elsewhere such as London, New York, California, Australia to happen here in Auckland and soon every city in New Zealand.
  • Second and that is much more insidious, in collaboration with the governor of the Reserve Bank Graeme Wheeler he diluted the NZ dollar with a whopping NZ$ 521 million, making life much more expensive for the average Kiwi even as the milk solid price was dropping jeopardising the entire farming community in New Zealand.
  • Thirdly under National our debt has risen from a mere NZ$ 17 billion to a staggering NZ$ 109,560,522,140.58 according to the economist global debt clock.

    This is a curious and dangerous increase as the government at the same time has been selling off money earning assets to the same people we owe money too. IN fact John Key has indicated that banks would probably be very interested in buying up state houses. Why they would be interested he did not sell but it is safe to assume that many of them are build on what is now prime land for future real estate developments. It pays to remember that John Key, most of whose assets are still tied up in banking shares has a massive conflict of interest. While the people of New Zealand would be served with low debt and income from their publicly owned assets, John Key’s peers win tremendously by being able to manipulate a debt ridden but resource rich Nation. John Key has done more than his share in bringing that about.

  • Fourthly under John Key New Zealand has accumulated more than NZ$ 112 billion in Derivatives on our books (that was in 2011 and could be a great deal more now). Remember that John key’s speciality is the Derivatives trade and was in fact overseeing the development of these new-fangled  Financial products in the 90s for Merrill Lynch?

    Warren Buffet called these derivatives a financial weapon of mass destruction and he did so for a reason! The derivatives on our books are nothing less than a financial time bomb waiting to go and when they do it will be economic game over for the entire globe! Did John Key knew this when under his watch the government started to accumulate this and should he as and “ex” banker have prevented this country from loading up on these products?

    Hell yeah, Here he is on breakfast TV confessing to knowing it and what’s more in the unabridged “unauthorized biography he says that it was easy to predict the disastrous outcome of the 2008 financial crash based on the derivatives gambling paper crap he was selling to pension funds sovereign wealth funds all over the globe!

  • Lastly but easily the most important crime he is about to commit is that of treason. In negotiating the TPPA, a secret and extremely damaging treaty designed to make international corporate rule rather than National sovereignty possible, John Key is actively undermining NZ’s sovereignty and allowing other financial and economic terrorists to lay claim to New Zealand’s natural resources without the people who live here to have a say.  And while our MSM try to make out that Tim Groser is negotiating on our behalf  it is probably safe to say that John Key is the one who will make the decision (if it hasn’t already been made)

One thought on “On Andrew Krieger, Currency Wars And Financial Terrorism Or Why John Key Is A Criminal In More Than One Way

  1. Of course this is the Zionist global take over of the worlds financial system read Max Keiser for an update

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