Five Orders Out And Order Your Anti TPPA Badges Today!

Over the last couple of days my embroidery machine has been going non stop to fill five orders. To each and everyone and you know who you are, my heartfelt gratitude. I hope they measure up to your expectations!

For those of you going to the anti TPPA demonstrations around the country I can still get some nice big anti TPPA badges to you if you order today or tomorrow because after that I can’t really make any promises.

The badges are made to order in my own workshop. I can deliver with or without a glue layer if you prefer to just sew them on without the permanence of glue! The big ones are $ 10 and the smaller ones are $9 Postage included for both sizes!

Your orders help me to continue my blog and are much needed, so if you like my blog and the badges make this a win win for both of us and order today!

Here are your choices:

TPPA taking power away 80x75



























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