Top 10 Bogus ISIS Stories

John Key has used some of these bogus stories to sell New Zealand the idea that a war is nessesary and that we have to be part of it to belong to the club!

1. Female genital mutilation edict – July 2014


Who it fooled: Most major media outlets from Time to Reuters to The Atlantic to the BBC (whose story has since been scrubbed online). Above all, the UN itself.

Why it’s bogus: Actual residents of Mosul and regional experts quickly knew it reeked. The story was subsequently discredited by experts and jouranalistsand called a hoax soon after.

2. Church-burning in Mosul – July 2014

Who it fooled: Human Rights WatchThe AtlanticThe Independent,The Times of India

Why it’s bogus: An intrepid archaeologist, Sam Hardy, called BS and thanks to the magic of reverse image Google search and some prodding by yours truly, it was eventually retracted by several outlets and never mentioned again.

3. ISIS in Mexico – October 2014

Who it fooled: Fox NewsJudicial WatchThe Inquisitr .

Why it’s bogus: Absurd on its face, the story was quickly and roundly debunked.

4. ISIS recruiting emo British teen – December 2014

Who it fooled: MetroThe Daily MailThe Telegraph

Why it’s bogus: The person who uploaded the picture admitted on Twitter it was a fake. The media subsequently deemed it a “hoax”.

5. ISIS Caliphate map – July 2014

Who it fooled: ABC NewsInternational Business TimesBreitbart

Why it’s bogus: The original story from ABC News cited a map that had been floating around the Internet for months. To this day, its one and only source is a tweet from a noted white supremacist website Third Position. and others eventually deemed it a hoax.

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2 thoughts on “Top 10 Bogus ISIS Stories

  1. Also, people need to be reminded of past invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan and, specifically, the reasons for going.
    -Afghanistan = search for Bin Laden. But we KNOW that the official story of 911 is not only false, but a lie.
    -Iraq = WMDs, which they never found any of.

    So, people who believe that ISIS is a huge threat are mentally ill because of their inability to either ‘think’, ‘care’, ‘remember’, ‘recognize patterns’, or ‘all of the above’. It’s likely reasonable to blame ‘brain washing’ for such inabilities, but there could be unrecognizable aspects of existence which cause such illogicality.

    I’m not likely to see any replies to this comment, sorry.

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