Has The Wetiko Finally Arrived In New Zealand Or Why John Key Lost It.

In February 2013 two years ago I linked to three articles discussing the Cree Indian concept of  a spiritual cannibalistic entity they call the Wetiko. The concept brought to a wider concept by Psychiatrist Paul Levi and which he translates into the western term of Malignant Egophrenia.

In essence the Wetiko is a spiritual and mental infection of a human being capable of infecting others who come in contact with it. It can take over the entire spiritual and mental being of the person infected and will turn that person into an unhinged monster capable of doing great harm to the people around them.

The more powerful the person is the more damage they will do as they hold sway over more people.

John Key or the Wetiko speaking, you decide!

According to the Cree Indians the Western world is very infected by this spiritual disease and the result is terrible. We are destroying the planet while under the influence of the Wetiko and there is no end in sight.

The thing is that a Wetiko infection can be a dormant one and will only on occasion flare up. New Zealand being a case in point. Its sleepy, clean image and the fairly easy living conditions until recently have made it relatively easy to keep the infection at bay. In fact with the anti Nuclear stance, political independence, and the riots around the Springbock tour New Zealand established an image of being a fairly Wetiko free Nation with policies based on the notion that the common good should be protected and that the government was there to protect all and not just the rich.

Some 30 years ago all of that changed somewhat with the introduction of neoliberal policies introduced by, surprisingly, the Labour party, he party which was supposed to be the party to protect the interests of the “little” people but not enough to cause major disruptions yet but it was the point where the rot started to set in never the less.

It was, as it were, the moment the door for the Wetiko to arrive was opened.

I don’t want to regurgitate the entire 30 year history since then but suffice to say that from that moment on things started to change and not of it for the better. But until now people swallowed the occasional dead rat and tried to get on with life best they could.

Until now that is….

The last year has seen a change in New Zealand most Kiwis would not have thought possible in their safe little democratic country. They knew politicians were dubious at best but I think nobody, except a few awake people, saw coming what is happening now at this very moment.

The TPPA, a new partnership with NATO, Military exercises training for war crimes in New Zealand with multiple NATO countries, oil drilling, the desecration of our nature reserves, and now the declaration of our Prime Minister, without so much as a vote, that 150 troops will be send to the worst and most dangerous war zone in the world as a price for “belonging to the club”.

I meet more and more people who are like sleepwalkers waking up and being shocked to tears when they face the confusing reality for the first time in years as they realize what is happening in their country.

Most of them are confused and try to grab a firm hold of the MSM’s talking points about Māoris, Bennies, Arabs, Terrorists, Private/Public partnerships but the jarring confusion doesn’t go away and more and more people find the way to blogs such as mine and subjects banned from open discussion such as why John Key arrived back on these shores even a year ago are now openly being discussed and the notion he has been send here by some overseas masters is no longer a conspiracy theory any more. The people I speak consider it a fact of life.

However still most people find the evil forces that are propelling the changes to terrible to comprehend and even up in the higher halls of power, the opposition to the forces taking over this once peaceful country are holding on to the idea that simple elections will solve the crisis of morality and decency that is currently expanding its grip over the Nation.

I don’t know about you but it seems to me that they are either dangerously naïve or still sleepwalking. Because with John Key’s latest outburst in which he screamed for the opposition to “get some guts” and even more disconcerting, after which the entire National caucus gave him a standing ovation, after he managed to wipe of the spittle of his angry face, it became clear to me that, indeed, not only had the Wetiko taken over all of what was left of John Key’s mind and morals, it had taken over all of the National caucus too and God help us if I’m right.




6 thoughts on “Has The Wetiko Finally Arrived In New Zealand Or Why John Key Lost It.

  1. The Wetiko is related to one of the old religious heresies….

    The Palestinian distinction between true and false gnosis is matched by, and preceded by, a similar distinction in the Alexandrian Diaspora. Philo distinguishes between the true and the false gnosis by stating that the true is characterized by following God, and is typified by righteous Abel, while the false, typified by Cain, is characterized by ascribing all things to the human mind (Sacr. 2), and by self-love, rejection of the truth, and godlessness.

  2. I have been watching over the last few years in disbelief that NZ has become so apathetic to allow the destruction of our own country right under our own noses. I never thought I would see anything like this in my lifetime (I am 53). I fight as hard as I can to educate my teenagers as to what is happening and to be aware of how politics affects them everyday. At times I cry in shear hopelessness, then I wipe those tears and go back to fight mode !! SOS !!

    • Oh hun, I so know how you feel. You are doing all you can by educating your kids and hopefully more of their generation. Thank God we have been able to live most of our lives in relative peace (I am 58) is all I can say. I share your hopelessness but bugger it I go back to fight mode too every time!

  3. Youve made the picture clear may I add the WETIKO had the initial form of one Roger Douglas who floated our democracy along with the dollar to the highest bidder Key only had to wait for it to make him the opportunity and cream it on the poor unsuspecting Kiwis struggling with the third world conditions created by the National party following the demise of Labour both in the 90s as well as Keys final coup in 2008 and now we have a form of totalitarianism running NZ

  4. The one thing missing in the photos of Key is the tooth-brush moustache to remind us of whom he truly is i.e a dictator.

    • Your toothbrush needs more than passing toothbrushholesmanship.

      70 years after THE dapper mustache became a stiff, we are forced to watch the face of a less avuncular dictator than Adolf.
      Our person in the pooh is a pansy black puppet fronting a grossly-inhuman(e) NLP autocue typist. The dictator that nobody I know ever voted for is an indoctrinated psychopath fronting his Minder’s blatantly-obvious total disregard for truth and reconciliation

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