On My First Order And Good Omens!

Update: One of my readers (Hat tip Sham attack) pointed out that the badge below might be confusing. It might be construed as: Peace, not in my name. I have to agree and to make it perfectly clear I have changed the text to: War, not in my name. See here the new version which will go out to people who ordered yesterday as I will be embroidering like mad to keep up.

And to my first customer, your badges went out yesterday but I will send you the updated version free of charge!

war not in my name Kereru 80x80

Some 15 years ago when working through the night three nights in a row without much food I had a vision. I was presented with my spirit guide or totem. It turned out to be a Pigeon. All my life, even before I had that vision on certain and often crucial moments in my life, a pigeon would appear in one form or another.

This morning when I checked my email to see if I had any orders after I announced I would be selling badges as a way to support my blogging efforts I found I had my first order. I should not have been surprised but it still gave me goose bumps.

not in my name kereru 80x80My first order had been placed and in part of that order appeared the name te Kereru. The name of one of the biggest Pigeons in the world and native to my new home country of New Zealand. It seems my spirit guide is involved in the path I am taking and it inspired me to design a badge with a Kereru as a peace dove seeing as we are in New Zealand fighting our warmongering Prime Minister.

The first order going out tonight will get one of them for free and to honour my spirit guide I will give one free of charge to the first 10 people placing an order for a Badge (60×60 or 80×80). I will match that size with a Not In My Name Peace badge of the same size!

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