A Way To Support My Blog And Get The Message Out At The Same Time

Some of you may recall I wrote in November last year that as a result of some changes in my personal life I would not be able to write as much as I wanted for my blog and that I hoped that those changes would not be permanent.

Well it turns out that they are and while I actually think that the changes are good and will make for a better life for me and my husband I have had to face the fact that I will have to chip in and earn money.

As luck would have it I came into some money in August last year and was able to invest in a top of the line Embroidery sewing machine and professional embroidery design software and after spending the last couple of months studying the noble art of embroidery design I have come up with a solution to my problem which would enable me to pursue two of my passions: Blogging and Embroidery. I know it is a strange combination but someone once told me that if it all gets to much one should make something beautiful to calm down and it works for me.

Here is one of my recent embroidery adventures based on a Pacific/Maori Tattoo design:

Hammerhead But I digress so let’s go back to the solution I have come up with which will enable me to continue with blogging while earning some money at the same time.

After John Key’s announcement that we will indeed be getting involved in the ongoing mayhem in the middle east I decided to start designing badges I want to offer to you my readers.

The badges designed and made by me in my own workshop will be made to order and will be Iron on so that you can put them on caps, sleeves, bags and other wearables.

You can find my shop here and you can link to it via the shop link in the right side bar!

Here are the two designs I will offer as of today in the hopes of your support for my blog efforts and a way for you to generate much needed debate about issues you might want to discuss with your friends and neighbours but are hard to start conversations about.

Arrest John Key

TPPA taking power away 80x75

So wear your heart on your sleeve, cap, bag and help me continue to blog about the news you won’t find in the mainstream media!

2 thoughts on “A Way To Support My Blog And Get The Message Out At The Same Time

  1. I’ve followed your blogs through my email and have shared them on the Waiheke Island Peoples Parliament facebook page regularly because what you have to say is extremely important. With your permission I’d like to also introduce support of you by mentioning your badges.

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