King John Wants War While The US Announces A 25.000 Troops Invasion Of Iraq

The divisions over Iraq are so deep Prime Minister John Key is likely to seek a Parliamentary debate without a vote, in stark contrast to 2003 when Helen Clark sought Parliament’s backing to send the SAS to Afghanistan.

King John I of New Zealand is expected to avoid a vote on whether New Zealand should sacrifice it’s young people in a war that has absolutely nothing to do with New Zealand. He does so because he might lose the vote and this means he won’t be part of the war criminal club/family he so desperately wants to part off.

The news of the sacrifice of a 100 of New Zealand’s finest comes as the US announces they will invade Iraq with an army of 25.000 troops to invade Syria free the Iraqi city of Mosul.

Only the very naïve will believe that these poor kids won’t end up as cannon fodder and those who will survive will come back with PTSD and Depleted Uranium contamination.


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