Observations On The Day Before Waitangi Day 2015. A Deafening Silence!

Disclaimer: The observations I put to blog here are my observations and mine alone. I do not claim to be a specialist on matters Maori. In fact I declare myself to be an ignorant tau iwi (foreigner) and welcome corrections. Please be gentle. I aim to educate myself and that is easier if I don’t have to wade through insults. Thank you in advance.

Back home, emerging from the 24/7 experience of travelling with the delegation (6 women and 4 men) of Ngāti Maniapoto to Waitangi I want to try to put down some of my observations. The delegation travelled to Waitangi and they hoped to be able to relay their worries about issues such as the TPP, APEC, the pending involvement with the “war against ISIS” and the assault on their sovereignty with the increasing corporatization of their assets, Whenua (lands) and organisational structures wrestling away the control from the people to unaccountable corporations run by unelected faceless CEO’s.

What happened was that they were kept outside te Tii Waitangi Marae to  hold their placards, trying to convey their points instead of being allowed to speak as was their right according to the treaty. Instead the Whare (House/Hall) filled up with dignitaries from countries as far as Benin and the representatives from the government.

They were kept outside of the Marae by Pakeha policemen. In fact there were about 5 or more policemen for every one of the people from the delegation. They were the only ones with placards there and they felt rejected, isolated and ridiculed and bullied by the not so thin blue line, the plain clothes policemen (All Pakeha) and the secret service agents looking like they were protecting the likes of an international head of state from a country we really don’t like such as Assad from Syria who has been threatened with assassination by a multitude of seriously liberation terroristic groups instead of good old goofy John Key, Prime Minister of a little country down under where everything is clean, good and peaceful.

The reason for this of course was that John Key and the Pakeha police/GCSB anticipated 40.000 people all ready to have a go at him.

What really happened was something of an unprecedented event. Instead of the some of the expected 40.000 visitors almost nobody showed up! While John Key was at the Marae there was only the people from Ngāti Maniopoto and some tourists.

The anti Stat oil Hikoi showed up when John Key had already entered the Marae and was kept away from even getting close to the Marae until well after the Pollies and John Key had left.

Here is (in photos)what really happened on the  5th of February and to call it eerie is the understatement of the century. In fat the people of Ngāti Maniapoto later told me that to them is seemed like everybody who was there seemed to be in a trance.

Empty road in front of te Tii Waitangi Marae

Around 9:30 in the morning

First of all apart from the people from Ngāti Maniapoto there were only some tourists and a few tents to be used later for people to speak and not a lot more. You have take into account that it was on a Thursday and that most people would have been working but there is a lot of unemployment and in previous years that hasn’t stopped people from voicing their anger and frustration.

But the kind of emptiness on the road in front of the Marae I was told was nothing they’d ever seen.

Another mostly empty road. This time towards the bridge, towards the signing grounds

Ngti Maniapoto making their stand



In fact in the photo above this text you can see the delegation being almost the only people there and they are keeping themselves on the sidewalk. They are being dignified and uninthrusive and not a policeman inside to keep them in check!

Nothing else to film and interview but the Ngati Maniapoto delegation nothing about their concerns on MSM

Nothing else to film and interview but the people from Ngāti Maniapoto.

In fact they are the only ones interesting enough to be filmed and interviewed. So why did we not see any of this on the MSM?

Patrick Gower on an empty field at te Tii Waitangi Marae.  The field stayed emtory all through the ceremony.

Patrick Gower on an empty field at te Tii Waitangi Marae.

Above is Patrick Gower. He is standing on a field of the Marae. It is empty and stayed empty even though there was no police protection. If anybody had wanted to do anything it would have been too easy. The police was not out to protect John Key but to make the Pakeha corporate dominion clear. The TPPA in the making so to speak.

Te Tii Waitangi Marae. Empty! 20 minutes before John Key's arrival

Te Tii Waitangi Marae. Empty!

The side entrances of the Marae were unprotected, No police and were accessible for all. The way they are supposed to be. I was able to make photos during John Key’s stay and there was no police presence at all.

More emptiness. Not a single flag. No people.

More emptiness. More silence. Not a single flag. No people.

Above is the main field just outside the Marae. The tents are for people to speak in. The field the next day filled up with food stalls and other merchandise stalls. But if of the expected 40.000 expected visitors 10.000 showed up it would have been a good day.

The ambassador to Japan from Benin.

The ambassador to Japan from Benin

Here are some of the Pollies is recognised. Jenny Shipley was also there as was the ambassador to Japan from Benin in full regalia. I think he got on the wrong plane, got lost and ended up at the Marae. I have no other explanation for why he had to be there while people with legitimate grievances where not able to. He flirted shamelessly with one of the Ngāti Maniapoto delegation members and showed good taste as she is true mother goddess. He even gave her his card. I hope he has a good story to tell when he gets on the right plane back to Japan.

Bill English looking worse for wear.

Bill English


Te Ururoa Flavel


Catherine Delahunty, lending a hand in support!


The not so thin blue line.


The road towards the Marae and the bridge towards the treaty grounds while John Key is selling war in the Marae!

More blue. This time to stop the Statoil Hikoi from coming anywhere near the entrance of the Marae until everybody had left.

More blue.

On the left the people from Ngati Maniapoto. On the right policemen looking silly.

On the left the people from Ngāti Maniapoto. On the right policemen looking silly.

John Key's car arrives. SAS Body guards ready to die for their master.

John Key’s car arrives. SAS Body guards ready to die for their master.

John Key arrives.

John Key arrives!

Check out the emptiness around John Key!

Some of the Pakeha plain clothes police sticking out like a sore thumb

Some of the Pakeha plain clothes police sticking out like a sore thumb

Above are some of the plain clothes police sticking out like sore thumbs. This was right after I asked them if they were having a good time. The were really bad actors.


John Key looking smarmy when leaving the Marae

Here is John Key leaving the Marae. I am proud to say that I got mu heckle in. I yelled ” John Key is a total banker and I could see that people didn’t quite get it and I yelled it again this time I got John Key’s undivided attention and here he is just before he waves at me. I smiled and waved back. It was a very chilling experience.


11 thoughts on “Observations On The Day Before Waitangi Day 2015. A Deafening Silence!

  1. I will share this blog with an aunt who is pictured as part of the Ngāti Maniapoto delegation you travelled with.. Needless to say she also was disappointed with the turn out and the lack of communication between the iwi and organisers. I appreciate all that you do to inform and educate. keep up the Orsum work.

    • Thank you for sharing. I don’t know which of the ladies in my pictures is your aunt but all the people I travelled with were disapponted but I think that they were also encouraged by what happened afterwards in that it seemed a lot of people were aware of the corporate takeover of the Waitangi day(s) and very angry with that.

  2. One of your captions read: “John Key looking smarmy when leaving the Marae”
    John Key ALWAYS looks smarmy! LOL!

  3. The word is “tau iwi” NOT “toa iwi” which would translate as a champion of the people so that’s not too bad either!

  4. well done ,good good thing i wasnt there might have ended up the first fatality in history on Waitangi day because of my own actions towards the PM
    Closed shop typical of the guilty in power who abuse the rites of the masses who are in a free democratic country and try to use the purpose of one occasion to suit another which we shouldnt have a bar of but Key thinks he has the right to bend history to suit himself

  5. I did wonder why there was nobody protesting when the MSM dribbled over FJK. I thought it gave the impression that ppl are happy with him actually.

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