One thought on “Update: Waitangi day 2015. What Was Not On The MSM News

  1. Kia ora Travellerev
    The thin blue line gets thicker and thicker and longer and longer.
    Who or what are they protecting?
    john keys lies and the new way of life here in Nz?
    My heart is saddened for the uneducated of Te Tiriti and we Tautoko every one to have a Right to the Truth of it.
    My Hinengaroa is grieved at the ones who call for everything Maori to be abolished, including this day, where we are Supposed/Allowed to have our say on all things that affect us, in the safety of the Marae.
    We are not the joke of the world,
    the Liars are, .they are yet to know it
    We will not lose our voice till our last breath,
    Not like the politicians and corporate hores,
    their voice lasts till their last pay packet.
    Kia Kaha and Thank You Travellerev

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