Uh Oh, It Has Begun: What Is Good For Greece Is Bad For Israel!

It will be very difficult for Greece to map their own destiny. Even when they have spoken loud and clear as to what direction they want to go. Why? By taking back their own dignity and sovereignty they are threatening bankster rule.

That is always a dangerous thing to do and with this article in the Jerusalem post the first opening shots have been taking. I hope he Greek are forewarned. The French found out the hard way what happens when you support the Palestinians.


While most of the world (at least the 99 percenters) are congratulating Greeks at the dawn of their new age of dignity, the Jerusalem Post warns that victory for Syriza is bad news for Israel. Upon reading the article, I could see why they’re concerned:

Alexis Tsipras’ party colleagues and his own inner circle have repeatedly attacked Israel and the “Zionists” claiming that they are not anti-Semitic, just ”anti-Zionist.” Syriza’s former head, Nikos Konstandopoulos, has consistently offered his services as a defense lawyer for convicted and alleged Arab terrorists who have been arrested in Greece.

Last year, Tsipras stated that ‘’the world should make every possible effort so that Israel ends its criminal attack and brutality against Palestinians.’’

“Seeing Israel killing children in Palestine is unacceptable.

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