After All Is Done And Said It Still Is All About What Happened On 9/11!

As I have said before and will continue to say: 9/11 never stopped. The hellish events of that day continue to morph and metastasise in our world in ever more hideous and grotesk events of brutality, murder and the condense in ever more evil and unspeakable acts of terror to this day.

And if you believe that it was Muslims who committed the crime of 9/11 you can only draw one conclusion: 1.5 billion people believe in a religion which overnight changes into what at it’s best can only be described as an insane death cult.

You might be able to moderate it if you are a reasonable human being into: Well, they have a reason to hate the West and some Muslims are more extreme than others. You might even be more tolerant and say: Since we are bombing their countries they are  bound to loose they’re patience and that is why they massacre cartoonists and they kill Jews because of Israel killing Palestinians but with every atrocity committed by “Muslims” in the West and the response of our governments by arresting more and more people such as comedians like Dieudonne (Meaning God given) or killing people suspected of planning terrorist attacks in the aftermath of such attacks the harder it becomes to “defend” such actions and the easier it becomes for the authorities to arrest people for supporting our enabling terrorism merely by pointing out you do not condemn them the way the authorities would like you to. In fact Israel is now calling for a world wide law to ban free speech where it concerns Israel, Jews and Politics they engage in.

If as a reasonable human being capable of seeing both sides of the coin until now but you feel like you are getting caught between a rock and a hard place and you are confused by the fact that rather than remaining bastions of freedom, great economics and the right to partake in politics and how you would like to live your life and let others live theirs, you should, even if just to humour me, go back to the day that changed the world: the 11th of September of 2001.

We were told that 19 young Arabs mostly from Saudi Arabia where instructed by a bearded man in a cave in Afghanistan to fly planes in to the twin towers in New York and the Pentagon in Washington because they hated our Freedoms. In fact here is the official story in just five minutes:

If, in light of the increased terrorist attacks, your freedom being limited your getting confused anf frightened enough to shut up about why all this should happen maybe now would be a good time to start educating yourself how big of a problem we are finding ourselves in and no… It is not of Islamic making. Non of it!

One thought on “After All Is Done And Said It Still Is All About What Happened On 9/11!

  1. Damn wuckin’ right Ev ! Its a well known fact on the FARM. You want to move the stock?
    open the gate.

    911 was and IS, the gate.

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