The Leaders That Never Were!

Yesterday photos of “millions” of people on the streets of Paris lead by their fearless leaders were published around the world and we where supposed to all feel swept off our feet by the show of unity and camaraderie against the evildoers du jour.

But is seems to be a matter of perspective. The MSM wants you to think these fearless leaders where fronting the demonstration while in reality…..


3 thoughts on “The Leaders That Never Were!

  1. First of all – pretty awful grammar and spelling in this item
    “The Leaders that Never Where!” Where exactly did they go – or did Travellerev mean:-
    “The Leaders that Never Were”?
    And where were we swept of?
    Or should it read, ” … we were supposed to all feel swept off our feet..” ?
    However I absolutely agree with the content – the leaders fronting the protest is all bluff.
    Good for starting wars, we should be afraid!

    • Your first and last comment here. If you had said may I point out that you made one or two “mistakes” I would have corrected them and left it at that. Everybody makes mistakes after all and if someone is kind enough to point them out it is to be appreciated. To start commenting on my private blog by talking over my head to other readers about my “bad grammar” is rude and a sure way of getting banned. Here is a link to a post I wrote a while ago about Dutch being my first language and what I think of people like you. Have a nice day.

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