On The Paris “Terror” Attack. So Much For Spying On Us All!

Update 1: Tying the attack to  Russia: “Terrorists” had Kalashnikovs.


On November 4 43 Mexican students were handed over to the killers of a drug cartel by a local police force to be murdered because they dared to stand up to the mayor of their town.

Yesterday a drone attack in Afghanistan killed a group of 9 civilians with children amongst them when they were trying to find firewood.

Both countries have suffered 10 of 1000s of deaths as a result of terror attacks such as drug war murders and terror drone attacks out of nowhere.

And I’m not even talking about the illegal wars in Syria, Iraq and Libya.

This just to give a bit of perspective with regards to the “terror” attacks in Paris.

I grief for the 12 nincompoops with their silly cartoons who were killed by well trained men yelling “Allahu Akbar” speaking perfect French while claiming to be from Yemen. It seems those armed men could drive and walk and organise themselves just fine while Paris is one of the most cameraed cities in the world and the office of Charlie Hebdo would have had the most sophisticated safety systems after they had been firebombed in 2011.

Their sense of entitlement to free speech and the way they exercised it will be used to shut more of us down because we don’t use it to malign Islam or are critical of our financial elite and our governments.

9 thoughts on “On The Paris “Terror” Attack. So Much For Spying On Us All!

  1. Yea well the guy now “regrets” having uploaded the the video …. despite being there at the time they arrived

  2. http://www.jimstonefreelance.com/

    THE CUE LINE :-)This cinches it yet again. This wag the dog is so blatantly obvious, they totally butchered it.

    Take a look in front of the car. There is a marker line there. Some have said this is just a fluid leak but it is obviously not, because in the next frames we see the continuity error – another line magically appears on the road at a 90 degree angle. Fluid leaks will not do that, they are obviously painted lines being used as cue marks for where to put the car, and this terror scene was done in multiple takes.

  3. There are a lot of indications that it was staged: No blood or recoil when the gendarme was “shot”, 11 people reportedly injured but only two ambulances turn up, the gunmen turn up when there is a meeting with everyone present, and cameras in perfect locations for recording the action.

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