Chemtrails: A Secret War

Here is an Italian documentary (English Subtitles) about a phenomenon called “chem” trails. These trails are not to be confused with con(densation) trails. The trails are  filled with chemicals, metals and polymers and serve a sinister purpose as is shown in this documentary.

2 thoughts on “Chemtrails: A Secret War

  1. The true purpose of these chem-trails is for a slow but sure population reduction, the “powers that be” have decided to eliminate 90 percent of the population. and chem-trails of just one avenue.

  2. I’m living in Germany and we get hundreds possibly a thousand chemtrails in a day however not every day. The spraying lasts for a few days, maybe a week, then it stops only to continue a few days later. And they are not condensation trails as these to can at times be seen.

    It is winter here now and overcast most days so they are not visible. In summer however we wake to a beautiful sunny day. The spraying begins early (around 6am) within a few hours the sky is covered by chemtrails giving an almost completely white appearance. Trails are left constantly throughout the day and into the evening even after the sun has set.

    Why? Climate control? Population control? Attacking ou rimmune system? It, however, in my opinion has little to do with global warming!

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