RIP Joe Cocker.

I remember going to a movie with my parents. The movie was called Woodstock. One of the most memorable artists in that movie was Joe Cocker. Young, tinsel stars  on blue boots and a with a voice so powerful it still brings tears to my eyes today he sang; With a little help from my friends.

Thank you Joe for making me cry again yesterday when I found it back on youtube. Rest in Peace and sing like hell up there. They can do with a voice like yours!

3 thoughts on “RIP Joe Cocker.

  1. I have to admit THIS is the only Joe Cocker I can stand listening too. I don’t like to speak ill of the dead…but he was a cover artist of very limited talents, I’m not sure why people are making out that he is some kind of rock legend…weird? nice guy, good enough voice but a legend,.. hardly

    • That would have made the experience all the more “Woodstock” eh? I lived in Amsterdam and God knows we tried to make it “Woodstock” for decennia!

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