Flag With Islamic Text? Must Be Them Dirty Rag Heads Terrorists Or How We Are Manipulated Into War!

Update: I just got a comment from someone whom I had in an earlier situation approved and who turned out to be a shill. Giving me the “How dare you call this a false flag blah blah blah, and you Sir are  a disgrace  and I unsubscribe to this blog ladida bit. He is now gone the way of all other spam.

Those of you reading this blog for a bit longer of course know I am a woman and this blog is, and has been a blog since the beginning, asking very serious questions about 9/11 and other “terrorist” attacks.

Also I don’t know if the events unfolding in Sydney are a false flag or not. That will be for a group of independent forensic team and their investigators to decide when an open and independent investigation takes place. So far 9/11, 7/7, the Boston Marathon bombings, MH17, and a whole slew of other “terrorist” events have had to go without.

I have come to the point that unless there is complete transparency and a full and open investigation into any event (think 9/11, 7/7, the Mh17 crash, previous Sidney Raids, and other alleged “Terrorist” attacks around the world which were never solved but always served to further a war agenda) I automatically assume that Mossad/CIA and other highly suspect secret organisations are aiding and abetting the Banker/Globalist war machine with “terrorist” attacks and other false flag events. Period.

Does it mean I am callous with regards to the victims of the horrific crimes? I put it to you that the people perpetrating these crimes are the ones who are callous. The people using these events to curtail our freedoms and make torture legal to further their war agenda are the ones who are callous. Calling a spade a spade is  just that. Hoping that one day these bastards get their comeuppance because people like me keep speaking out will end that callousness is what I am aiming for. If that is callous so be it.

So now that we have got that out of the way I hope that the Hasbara and its bully boys and girls will give this blog a wide birth as I am incorrigible and will continue on this chosen path . I will also chuck anybody who comes at me with shit like the above straight into the spam filter without further notice.


At the moment there seems to be a hostage situation in Sidney. Two guns and explosive and the worst of all flags: One with Islamic text!

First of all The writing is Arabic. Not necessarily Islamic. Second, anybody can paint text on a black piece of material. Third, how convenient to have this happening now when our masters want to bring in the control grid. Fourtly, With all them laws in place and allegedly the eye of Mordor on all things terroristic how come these guys could just walk up a cafe and take these people hostage. Fifthly, Expect more whole sale spying, media control and possible blog control why the MSM propaganda will hurdle us towards war.

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