John Key Apologises To Whale Oil Slater?

An email from Cameron Slater to Judith Collins was enough to force Judith Collins already plagued by scandals to step down. After the election John Key snubbed Judith Collins by leaving her of the “Honourable” list and he denied being on friendly terms with Cameron Slater.

So excuse me if I get confused when reading that John Key send a letter of apology to Cameron Slater for publishing the email. Not only that, the enquiry into the questionable behaviour Judith Collins was engaged in appears to clear (No surprise there as the whole enquiry was a cover up from day one) her of all accusations.

Does this mean that John Key will reinstate her on a higher post and will he be forced to allow her to use the title “Honourable”in what arguably will be a huge turnaround for John Key?

I’m beginning to think that Cameron Slater and Judith Collins may have something on John Key because this is the strangest turn around since Helen Clark lost the third debate when fighting John Key for office in the 2008 elections.

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